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Making Money Online With Simple Websites

Many people who are initially attracted to the prospect of making money online through websites are quickly put off when they come to learn about the effort that is required of them, if they are to make any real money online. And indeed, in days gone by, it would have taken major investments in terms of time and money before you could make any money through your websites. Thankfully though, things are changing, and it is possible nowadays to make real money online through really simple websites, and without any major investments in terms of money or effort.

The simple websites in question here, by the way, include blogs (including the free blogs hosted at Google’s Blogger service and WordPress), as well as the relatively simple website hosted by the numerous online free hosting services. In the free websites in question, you can make use of the free programming features on which the sites are based on – creating and uploading content through the intuitive ‘site builder’ software that most of these simple sites come with nowadays, with absolutely no need for special programming, as you need not even include shopping carts and other such database features to make money online through simple websites.

One of the easiest ways of making money online through simple websites is by enrolling them on various online affiliate programs – which are run by bigger websites selling various wares. As it turns out, many of these bigger websites in fact depend on the smaller websites for a significant portion of their traffic (and subsequently their sales), a fact that many people are not even aware of. It is pretty much like the way the major industries offline depend on the numerous smaller neighborhood stores to sell their wares, whereby the bigger industries would never quite survive without the extensive network of neighborhood stores.

So the affiliate arrangements between the bigger websites and the smaller websites is that the bigger websites have the smaller websites post links (probably alongside some sale pitch) to various products on sale at the bigger websites, with the bigger sites paying a commission to the smaller site for every sale successfully made through the smaller sites (in case they are E-commerce sites with the primary aim of making sales), or paying the smaller sites a fee (usually a small fee in terms of cents) for every person who clicks through the link on the smaller sites into their sites(in case they are sites aiming at leveraging on traffic to make their money).

Alongside (or besides) the affiliate marketing programs, you can also make money online through simple websites by enrolling them on the various Pay-Per-Click arrangements like Google AdSense or AdBrite and make money whenever visitors to the website click on an advert on the site.

Of course, to make money online through simple websites, you have to get traffic into the sites, and there is a variety of ways to do this, from participation in social booking sites to good search engine optimization, to more blatant advertisement in other forms of press urging people to visit your site (if you are sure that what you offer them there is something worthwhile).

All in all, armed with the right strategy, you can truly make money online through simple websites.

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