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Dear Warriors

Instantly Monetize Your Blogs With This Importable Clickbank Database For The aLinks Plugin.

Over 1900 keywords & phrases that will automatically be turned into links when they are found in your wordpress powered posts. Most of these are for Clickbank products but there are a few that are for the Amazon module. All you have to do is log into your Wordpress admin, select aLinks Import, browse to the file I provide and import. That's it, you're monetized!

If you are not familiar with the aLinks plugin for wordpress, it is an awesome little free tool you just plug into Wordpress and it will automatically turn keywords into hyperlinks.

Well, after installing this awesome little tool I quickly found out how much work it was to start going through these articles and posts and trying to set up keyphrases. That was no fun whatsoever!

Then I thought, surely since aLinks has an import/export function that I could locate a database that had already been set up and exported. Unfortunely, that didn't seem to be the case either and I was left to do the unthinkable.

That's right, I went into the office, closed the door and living on little else other than a few naps in the chair and gallon upon gallon of coffee, I emerged days later with a database you can import directly into aLinks yourself in seconds.

The keywords and phrases in this importable database are optimized for the following categories...

- Adsense
- Affiliate Programs
- Article Marketing
- Articles Misc
- Blogging
- Branding
- Building Traffic
- Business Opportunity
- Database Marketing
- Direct Mail
- E-Books
- E-Business
- E-Commerce
- Email Marketing
- Ezines & Newsletters
- Forums
- Home Business
- Joint Ventures
- Lead Generation
- Link Popularity
- Market Research
- Network Marketing
- Online Auctions
- Pay Per Click
- Search Engine Mktng
- Seo Optimization
- Viral Marketing
- Web Design
- Writing for the Web

I'm also including a Clickbank Cloaking Mod with .htaccess file so you can make your autolinked phrases look like instead of the standard hoplink url.

Also included is an Amazon Mod so that when you are adding new Amazon keyphrases, you won't have to type in the description each time, this mod will do that for you.

Here's a little about the FREE aLinks plugin in case you aren't familiar with it.


- Select image to display after links
- Open links in new window
- Use outbound click tracking
- Custom HTML/JavaScript to add to links
- Custom CSS class
- Set max links per keyphrase or set to unlimited
- Set keyphrases to case sensitive or insensitive
- Outbound click tracking stats
- Find and replace tool
- Mass delete keywords/phrases
- Built in clipboard tools

I've seen some similar blogging tools going for $27 and up here and I am in the process of putting this in a package which will sell for $47 but because I've already done the work and this is my first WSO.

Special Offer For Warriors!

Grab This Massive Database For Just $12

Instant Download

The download is immediate and your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.
If you have any trouble downloading or getting it imported, just let me know!

This would make an excellent value add on to any type of blogging package you might put together or something that your list subscribers would certainly appreciate.

 Thank you!
Gail (wahguide)

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[YES] Anything not mentioned above

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