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Don’t Manage, Lead - How To Become a Top Manager

Posted in Management August 31, 2006 ( Read | Bookmark )

Think of all the challenges you face on a daily basis: Motivating teams who are harder to mold and direct than those in the past. Introducing new services more swiftly to keep up with competitors. Managing change in all its variations from new company regulations, methods, policies, etc. Successfully completing complex projects quicker and with less resources. Managing higher customer expectations. Managing higher company expectations. Managers responsible for business units or teams using a “Traditional Manager” management style are not successful in this new business environment. Managers must (continue…)

Follow The Leader

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Did you ever play the game follow the leader when you were younger? Perhaps you still play it without even knowing it. Leadership, I think is one of the most important characteristics required for creating an extraordinary life and living up to your true potential.

Leadership is not what most people think it is. It is not a skill and it is not a role, but it is a decision. True leaders are followed automatically. They do not exert effort or try to be followed. It just happens spontaneously. Leadership is infectious. Not only does it inspire people to action it also (continue…)

Website Design and Prospective of International Marketing

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One of the first major problems or the tasks for a website owner who is thinking to market the website globally is the language barrier. It is obvious that there is no language that is accepted universally, though 50% people, who access Internet, do know English. However, it is becoming more or less apparent that in the coming years, Asian languages are going to dominate the virtual world, which is due to the sheer number of users that these countries are producing. It becomes obvious, then, that to go global, you need to address global demands of the Internet users from different parts of the world. Therefore, (continue…)

Understanding how search engines index your website

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To understand the process of search engine optimization better, it is also necessary to know and comprehend the process that search engines adopt to index your website. The search engines do not provide comprehensive information about the procedure that they adopt to index the web pages, and also the URLs of new websites that have made their presence online recently. Though most of the theories about the procedure adopted by search engines are clues and guesses, but they are practical and are often experience based! Some of the points that a web master can notice are: (continue…)

Design considerations for animated web sites

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Bandwidth, which is the transfer rate of data to the user’s browser, has hindered the development of websites with multiple media effects and enhancements.

Many techniques and options are available to help keep website graphics and animation download time to a minimum and include use of tables, colour reduction and optimization of graphics, use of thumbnails, reuse of images, optimal placements of scripts, and selection of fast loading type of web browsers such as Firefox. (continue…)

Building Desire for Your Product Amongst Your Network Marketing Leads

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Network marketing leads are hard to get!  The process of developing leads requires hard work and persistence.  The leads you get should be qualified which make it easier for you to manage and convert them from leads into long term business relationships.

You can purchase lead lists from lead generation companies.  You can then call the people on the list and interview them to find out whether they are the type of leads you are looking for.  Remember, not all leads will be ideal.  That is why if you get a list of pre-qualified leads it will save you time and money in the long run.  If they are the type of leads that you are looking for then you can (continue…)

The Basics Of Website Design

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When you are on the Internet, you cruise websites for certain kinds of information. You may know of a website that you are familiar with, or you may have to type in a keyword, to find the website that you need. No matter what website you find, the premise is the same, you find information on it and your browser displays this information. How does your browser know what to display? It goes by code. Your browser was created to recognize HTML (HyperText Markup Language). This is code is what the browser recognizes. When you type in the web address (URL) of the website you want to see, the browser finds the web page and reads the code associated with that page. It then displays the results on your screen. (continue…)

Offline advertising for your online websites

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The process of developing websites and then getting them online takes lot of hard work. In addition to that the developer and his team expend extra time on promoting it online. This is done by submitting your sites to various search engines, advertising online, link exchange programmes etc. Now imagine the amount of frustration when in spite of all this toiling your website doesn’t get any hits or traffic. (continue…)

How To Overcome Objections

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Usually when a prospect makes an excuse, it is because they have not been convinced that whatever you are selling to them, has sufficient benefit for them to change their mind.
In order to combat this you should have included them in the solution from the very beginning. You should have been asking questions around what their current situation is, what problems they are facing, the impacts that the problem is causing, what they would like to achieve and so on.
By asking quality questions up-front you will save yourself the excuses down stream!

But what if you are not at that level yet and you are still getting objections, how do you overcome them?
Well, here are 4 of my favourite tips to help you overcome them (continue…)

Online Shopping – Tips For Safe Shopping

Posted in Security August 31, 2006 ( Read | Bookmark )

Online shopping is a gigantic industry, and with good reason, too. Few shopping methods offer more convenience, better prices, or better information access than shopping via the internet. However, it pays to follow a few precautions when shopping on the internet.

Secure Shopping

When ordering from an online site, one of the first things you should check is to see that their order page is secure. The page you enter your address and contact details on doesn’t need to be secure, but the page you enter your credit card on should be. (continue…)

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