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The Value of an Annual Fee Directory

Posted in Site Promotion September 6, 2006 ( Read | Bookmark )

Internet directories can provide a great way to improve link popularity.  With hundreds of web directories available, it can be difficult determining which directories provide the best link value.  Perhaps the best value in today’s directory universe is a quality directory with a recurring annual fee.

Web directories with a recurring annual fee generally contain fewer links, which helps minimize Pagerank dilution.  Annual fee directories also contain higher quality websites.  And finally, recurring fee directories feature less dead links and more modern content.  An example of a quality annual fee directory is the SCM Business Directory.

Many webmasters and site promoters look for affordable, one-time fee directories.  While this can be an effective strategy initially, one-time fee directories eventually fill up, which dilutes Pagerank benefits and inhibits advertising exposure.  Recurring annual fee directories allow the directory operator to invest annual fee renewals into maintaining and growing the directory’s own Pagerank and link popularity.  The SCM Business Directory invests a portion of each link renewal in new advertising to promote longevity and Pagerank growth.

Because a recurring fee directory requires an annual fee, they tend to attract higher quality websites.  If you submit your link to such a directory, your website is usually in “good company” and among other sites with relevant content.

Since a recurring fee directory must regularly verify a subscriber has paid the annual renewal fee, the pages of the directory are less populated with dead links and websites that have ceased operations.  A recurring fee arrangement also helps keeps the directory pages fresh with modern content and the latest craze.

In summary, look for link opportunities with less competition, quality relevant content, and good Pagerank.  A directory with a recurring annual fee may provide exactly what you are looking for.

The author, Michael Elder, provides strategic web design and search engine optimization consulting services and operates many websites including the SCM Business Directory

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