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Using Blogs For Affilate And Adsense Profits Combined

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How do you set up a blog for effective affilate and Adsense profits?

Here is the low down of how it’s done and some of the in’s and outs of rss.

For this example I will use web hosting as the affilate product we selling on the blog.

1. Rss is great for getting the robots to visit but it will not get you visitors until

You have quite a number of pages
Have decent page rank
2. Best blog platform…


3. Blog page - index page.

A two column blog I find works the best
The sidebar should be on the  right hand of the page for SEO  purposes
Heading for your affiliate reviews shouls be first… something like “In-Dpeth, Top 5 Cheap Hosting Reviews”. Two links underneath, one going to reviews and the other to “why our reviews are more relaible than other sites”
4. Reviews of your products.

4 to 10 reviews, make them long and give info of what benefits one product has over the other and a rating for different aspects. Do not put adsense on your reviews page.

This site does it really well - and it’s a blog to boot.

5. Next heading in the sidebar - “Articles

A link going to current articles followed by a search box for your articles. Each article page is where you Adsense sits and here are some good tips…

All links including Adsense, one color underlined.
Research has shown the normal blue and darker blue get’s the best hits
Adsense in the middle and at the end of all your articles… you will get less click troughs with Adsense in the borders
6. Next heading “contact Me”

Blurb… A little confused with all the info, so many choices or an aspect of one of “hosting reviews” (linked to your review page  … feel free drop me an email any time.. blah blah

Then more headings after this is you wish… “My fav top ten hosting tips articles”… “Top 5 Domain Name Website Reviews”? and so on.

The way I see it, is if they are customers coming for information on a given product, service or business area, why not stick some products up and make some more money!

If they are just interested in the articles monetize those with Adsense.

And then if for any reason you have a bad Adsense month, the affilate income is there as a backup.

The final tip is to keep your blogs clean so people can easily find the information they are looking for whether that be a product or articles. Heres one of my article directories as an example…

For more information on blogs and blogging tips visit Rss Feed Submission Sites, Great Tips On Internet Marketing

Chris Taylor - CEO, writer, internet marketer & SEO specialist. Copyright Catdynamics 2006.

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