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Create a Real Estate Website that Attracts Motivated Sellers

Posted in Uncategorized October 5, 2006 ( Read | Bookmark )

Are you in the real estate business?  Do you want to target motivated sellers and make a quick sale?  Are you unsure of how to create a website to attract motivated sellers?  Then you have come to the right place.  There are a few components you need to keep in mind when building this type of website.  These components include capturing information regarding the property and seller.  You also need to set up a Google Adwords campaign as your advertising strategy.

Let’s begin with how you can drive traffic to your real estate website.  First, you should set up a Google Adwords campaign.  Keep in mind that you are going to advertise in a very specific location.  For example, you only want to advertise locally to bring in local traffic to your power squeeze page.  If you don’t specify these location parameters in Google Adwords then you might end up driving customer traffic from a person in a whole different country.  This wastes your time and money.  You can specify specific cities and locations in your Google Adwords campaign.
Once you drive local traffic to your website, you need to encourage them to sign up for your service.  You can offer a free report to entice them to provide you with information regarding their property.  For example, you can offer a free report on how to sell your home in seven days.  
In addition, you are targeting motivated sellers that are trying to sell real estate property.  Therefore, you need to capture more then just their name and email address.  You need to find out information about their house.  For example, you need to ask for their name, address, phone number, number of bedrooms, value of the house, and other market information.
A great way to capture this detailed information is to create a form with custom fields.  This electronic form can capture the information for each seller and store it in a database.  You can also use this information to send Autoresponder emails and keep in touch with the seller.
How can you create an information form with custom fields?  Seek out the services of a computer programming expert.  You can find knowledgeable freelancers at such outsourcing websites as  
The purpose of collecting detailed information from your seller is to determine whether or not you will follow up on the lead.  For example, a motivated seller may have a house value that you are not interested in selling.  However, you may find a motivated seller that has all the items you are looking for.  You can then call this person up on the phone to discuss a business arrangement.


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