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Article Marketing Snowballs Into A Mess

Posted in Article Marketing October 17, 2006 ( Read | Bookmark )

Have you fallen for the article marketing trap?  Sending out second rate articles, worrying too much about word count and ignoring all the things that would make your effort more successful?

Article marketing has swept through the internet like an avalanche.  Virtually everyone knows about the technique but very few are doing it well.  Many people are actually ruining their reputation by ignoring article marketing best practices.

As an article newsgroup moderator and article marketing expert I am in the trenches everyday.  Increasingly, I reject more articles than I accept.  More and more often I hear complaints from publishers that the articles submitted to them are pure crap.  Many of these publishers complain that article submission software is to blame.  I have to disagree.  Here is what I think is causing the majority of problems:

* People who want to use the technique without learning how.
* Private label articles flooding the market.
* Plaigarism and copyright violations.
* Lousy articles with no redeeming values.
* Off topic articles driving publishers crazy.
* Articles that are too short or too long.
* Writers who won’t divulge their identity and only use their by-line for advertising a website.

Can you connect the dots to find out where the article marketing problems lie?  With the article marketer.  The article marketer, like myself, loves the technique but is often strapped for time.  Instead of writing unique articles or hiring a ghostwriter to write for them they get lazy. Stupidity and carelessness is also a factor but I bet being lazy causes most of the problems.

I believe that laziness is the root of all evil in the article marketing world.  Any type of marketing with not work unless effort is expended and techniques are repeated regularly and reliably.  Please do me a favor.  If you can’t make the effort then don’t use the technique.

Article marketing done badly is far more damaging then not using the technique at all.  It only works when you create quality work and follow submission rules.  Don’t blame the publishers for your shoddy articles and don’t spend hours on forums complaining that the technique doesn’t work.  It does work.  It has worked for me and for many others but it won’t work for you if you insist on being lazy and irresponsible.

Make a commitment today to write well, submit only on topic unique articles and to hire help if you need it.  Your best efforts will be the catalyst to better results and will support the growth of the article marketing community. Let’s use the technique wisely so that it remains a viable part of internet marketing.

© 2006, Davis Virtual Assistance.  Reprint rights granted to all venues so long as the article and by-line are reprinted intact and all links are made live.
Bonnie Jo Davis is an article marketing expert who takes great pride in helping work at home parents, entrepreneurs, small business owners and enthusiastic hobbyists exploit the power of the written word.  To learn how to grow your business with article marketing or to join her affiliate program visit today!

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