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Referrer Spam

Posted in Spam October 17, 2006 ( Read | Bookmark )

Spamming is just spamming until one technique came. This is perhaps one of the most ingenious moves made by those who spam. It is cleverly disguised as legitimate websites or e-mails. The illegitimacy will only be noticed upon close scrutiny. This is what most people know as a referrer spam.

Referrer spamming is conducted through the use of websites. This method utilizes various landing pages which were methodically done in order to rank in various search engines such as Yahoo or Google. A well built referrer spamming webpage will never fail to rank. As such, people will click it without worrying that they are about to view a referrer spam page. Upon opening it, the user will then feel like he or she has been had. The often senseless and keyword oriented landing pages will try to redirect you to the referred site. This is the very reason why it is called referrer spamming. 

Referrer spam is triggered by keywords. Whenever a user searches something through the net, there is always a possibility for the keywords to hit the spam trigger.  This is even more dangerous if the referrer spam site ranks high. There’s also no way of identifying the bogus site. As such, accidentally clicking on it will set the spamming trail ablaze. 

The more inconvenient effect of referrer spamming would have to be the pop ups and junk mails. Once a user has been identified, the referrer spam will never cease to intervene with any online activity the user may be engaged in. It will keep on getting in the way of emailing and surfing. As such, it is always best for people to have a handy and reliable anti referrer spam software in their computers. This will safeguard your cyber systems from these unethical means of promoting other businesses. Some even spam you with viruses to keep on relying on their services. This is like cyber blackmail if you look at it. That is why you should immediately act on these situations whenever these happen to you.

An easier way of dealing is the raising of your computer’s cyber filter. However, you may also want to report these referrer spam sites or mails to the search engine which led you to it. Rest assured that these search engines will waste no time in inspecting and zeroing in on the spam site. It will be eliminated in a snap of a finger. As such, you will be able to rid of it once and for all. This will help you and all other users of the search engine as well. By doing this, you will be able to give these bogus sites a lecture they will never forget.

Once these are done, the next thing to do is stay updated. You can never be too sure on when the next referrer spam strikes back. For this reason, keeping updated with the latest anti referrer spamming software will be an excellent move. This will spare you from a lot of headaches which referrer spamming is sure to make.

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