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Rich Jerk or Rich Genius

Posted in Internet Marketing October 26, 2006 ( Read | Bookmark )

I’m sure you’ve heard of The Rich Jerk, or have even bought his product (The Rich Jerk ebook). The Rich Jerk has gotten Huge amounts of Criticism as well as praise. As far as I can tell though, all the criticism he has received has been for being a Rich Jerk and not for his Book or his techniques and strategies.

He may very well be a jerk, I don’t know him personally, but that is certainly what he wants us to think. We do know that he’s rich, or at least that he has made a killing on his book, there’s no question about that.

Now, before I go any further, a little about me. I have made a great living online since 2001, I have done so using some of the Rich Jerks Methods - (before his book came out) and many other methods of my own as well.

Although, in reading The Rich Jerk I quickly discovered that many of his methods I had already been using or was familiar with. I also learned several new, very cool strategies, as well as new ways to improve on what I was already doing.

So who’s the real jerk? Unlike so many self proclaimed Internet “gurus” (god I hate that word) The Rich Jerk’s book is all based on solid, proven strategies and methods that I personally know work over and over.

It is not a “get rich quick” scheme or a fly by night set of strategies that work now but will be gone tomorrow, the rich jerk keeps it short, to the point, and uses straight forward marketing techniques that WORK!

As far as his Rich Jerk method of selling his book, that’s all it is, a brilliant method of selling his book, and isn’t that what his book is all about?

This is basically what he did:

* Started Controversy.

* Made people hate him for making more money than they do.

* Offered quality, real strategies that work.

* Used those very strategies in his own book to sell the book.

* Made loads of cash! Is still making loads of cash.

The way he promoted his book in the first place, creating CONTROVERSY!!!! should be the first lesson you get before you even read the book.

As a successful veteran of this business of marketing online, I have to tell you the Rich Jerks techniques are of great value, solid, proven formulas, and that the so called guru’s emailing and bombarding all of us with their new Google Adsense this and Google Adsense that are the real jerks.

P.S. If you have heard recently of the Google Adsense Controversy, Adsense is Dead - Adsense is Alive, blah, blah, blah. There is no doubt that Adsense is not what it was for publishers.

The advertisers pay less for content sites than they do for their ads on Googles site, period. So watch out for those who keep selling and pushing the latest, greatest Adsense Crap, especially the so-called “Adsense Templates” what the hell is that? It’s a joke is what it is, and these clowns are laughing at us all the way to the bank.

Bottom Line! Adsense - o Selling your own products or affiliate products - 100

If you want a real way to make money online, try getting your very own Rich Jerk Website. Using the same techniques The Rich Jerk uses. Find out how at The Rich Jerks Website. It’s guaranteed, what do you have to lose!

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