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Directory of 'Personal Growth Articles'

The Importance of Step 12 in The Addiction Recovery Journey

The 12 Step Program is the most widely used drug and alcohol recovery program in the world. The final and last step determines an addict’’s ability to continue living a life free of addiction.

What I Know and Remember About Baseball - Aggression

Did the faulting player cause harm to another? Is this a case of aggression or an incidental accident.

9 Steps to Happiness in 2008

Almost everyone makes a resolution on New Years Day, but often these are soon forgotten. Whatever they are, will they make you happy? Here are 9 steps to happiness in 2008.

Can You Overcome Fear of Rejection with Subliminal Messages?

Subliminal messages affect us mostly “behind the scenes” at the level of subconscious mind, where we are not even aware of them. Using subliminal and peripheral messages is the fastest way to change long-held false beliefs about “who we are” and eliminate confidence problems such as fear of rejection.

Self Confidence: Expressing Your Uniqueness is Important and Necessary

Your unique qualities, those things that make “you” uniquely who you are, are important to express in order to maintain healthy self-confidence. But expressing your own unique “quirks” and attributes not only helps you, it helps the rest of us as well.

Build Confidence Without Struggling or Years of Effort

There is a common false belief that it takes years of struggling and very hard work to build confidence, especially for individuals who have suffered with low self-esteem for any length of time. But actually, confidence is the product of the subconscious mind, NOT what we consciously think or say, and it can be improved almost instantly by using the right “mental tools.”

Collecting Only The Important Material

Test your speed and accuracy from time to time by measuring yourself as you read or skim articles in periodicals.

The Body, Mind and Spirit of the Care Giver Journey

When assuming the role of caregiver for a loved one it would be helpful if we had all the answers and information we needed, right from the start - but it doesn”t work that way. So what, in hindsight, did I learn about staying whole?

Improve Your Results In One Easy Step

Do your results have the quality to match the amount of effort you invest? Would you like for your results to be better? Without spending a single dime, you can get better results by using this one simple but effective method.

Slimming Down The Successful Way

Some people, while reducing, lose fat and body tissue without showing any loss on the scale. That is because they are retaining water which replaces the lost tissue. Understanding the balance between the two will help you to be successful with your diet.