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Conference Call Tips and Tricks

A conference call is just another version of the business meeting. Here are some tips on how you can make it work.

Save Money Through Audio and Web Conferencing

Conference calling is the need of the day. Many organizations are going in for audio and web conferencing in a bid to save money.

Conference Calls Aid Modern Businesses

As far as modern business solutions are concerned, the conference call tops the list. Here is an account of how they aid business organizations.

Choosing a Good Conference Call Provider

If you are planning to conduct a conference call, you will need to have a good conference call service provider. Find out how you can get the best service providers.

Video Conferencing: A Productivity Tool To Boost Business Profits

For both small and large businesses, video conferencing is becoming one of the leading tools for communication. Video conferencing is a form of telecommunication that utilizes both audio and video for a virtual meeting.

V O I P Phone System: Advantages And Disadvantages

Over the years, communications has drastically evolved with the help of computer electronics. Communicating across the world has been fairly easy for anybody who is familiar with computers and for most of them it’’s for free.

Deploying Voice Over IP

How much do you know about Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) solutions, like IP Telephony (IPT)? Do you believe they”re primarily for home users interested in free long-distance calls or inexpensive international calls? Or, do you believe its primary benefit is the lower total cost of ownership (TCO) of managing all of your business communications over a converged network?

Comprehend the Value of Web Conferencing

Conferencing is the new way of conducting meetings. Read on to find out more about conferencing in the workplace.

Come Ready For Your Conference Call

Business meetings require a certain kind of behavior. Read on to find out about what kind of behavior is acceptable during a conference call.

Understanding Conference Call Etiquette

When attending a conference call, one should conduct oneself properly. Learn more about what constitutes good etiquette while conferencing.