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Article Writing Programs: How Much Do They Really Help?

If I want to write an article, I simply research, then open my favorite word processor. However, there are programs available that say they will take care of the “heavy lifting” or tedious processes for you. If this is true, then what is left for us professional writers? Should we simply pack up the trusty laptop and head for the hills?

Getting Article Writing Help When You Are Really Stuck

Have you ever experienced writer’’s block? Most of us have at one time or another, we will stare at a blank sheet or computer screen begging for inspiration or guidance. Fortunately, you can get past this with a little bit of help and perseverance.

How Great Feature Story Topics Unleash Your Writing Talent

An old news pro once told me, “Kid, if it isn”t newsworthy, we”re not going to print it”. If you do not have something to say that is feature worthy, then don”t even think about targeting the front page without following some key steps.

Winning Article Writing Contests: Bring Out Your Inner Author

A contest brings out the best in all of us, and it can be a lot of fun to compete. Article writing contests can offer cash rewards, give much needed publicity to the author, and drive traffic to the website where the contest is being held.

Can An Article Writing Course Help You Become A Better Writer?

Just as there are those who are born an artist, there are others who are born with the talent to write a novel, create a perfect sales letter, compel their readers to come along on a journey to another land, adventure or experience. But can a writing course help you produce better articles?

Find Online Writing Jobs And Fund Your Inner Muse

There are multiple job sites that allow you to become a member, in most cases free, and list your credentials. Then you can bid on jobs posted by others from around the world.

Good Feature Writing Examples Get You Closer To Your Byline

It is the dream of many of us that write to be featured above the fold on a leading publication, website or newspaper. For many it remains a dream, but for others who turns dreams into action it can become a reality.

Why Are Publishers so Picky?

Do you need help getting published? Find out what publishers are picky about and how to make them happy.

How To Write An Effective Web Copy

Here are 13 points to writing an effective web copy.

Freelance Writing Jobs and Finding Your Way to Profits

If you are looking to develop your passion for writing into a profession, then freelance writing can be both profitable and rewarding. However, like any career entry there are steps to consider.