“If You've Ever Wondered How A Select Few Marketers
Stuff The “Big Bucks” Into Their Pockets While Never
Having A Product, A List Or Even A Website, Then...”

Shuffle your schedule... Turn off your phone... Do whatever you have to do... But make time to read every word on this page. Because the guy who turned Affiliate Marketing on its ear in 2008 is now taking you to 2009 and beyond...


Here's The Deal...
Hundreds of you wrote me sharing some incredible results you got by using my groundbreaking affiliate system.

And while many of you profited like never before using the strategies I laid out in that course... it was obvious you wanted more.

I spoke in-depth to my customers... and to hundreds of fence-sitters who never invested in “the code.”

And the truth is...

You want bigger money... faster... easier... and more idiot-proof than ever.

Well... I didn't just hear you... I listened...

You need a system that not only shows you where the money is... but takes you by the hand and doesn't let go until you jam cash into your wallet...
You must have a fool-proof way to navigate an increasingly confusing road to success... Focusing on making money today... and tomorrow...
You're sick of pie-in-the-sky promises from unknown entities. You want to learn from someone you can trust... Someone who was once exactly like you...

To: Anyone Who Has Tried To Make Money Online, And Failed
From: Super-Affiliate “Code Breaker” Craig Beckta

Dear Friend,

Traffic. It's always about traffic...

The traffic you hit on the way to your day job— it's one of the reasons you always dreamed of running your own business online.

And once online the topic remains... Traffic.

But this time you're trying to get as much of it as you can, for as little money as possible...

You know... not too long ago I cracked that nut wide open
and told you all about it in “The Secret Affiliate Code.” I handed you the latest and greatest tactics for getting free and nearly free traffic to your website. Ways that allow you to dominate Google... Yahoo... and all the rest.

What does that kind of domination mean?

 “It Means More Than Just Coming Up
On The First Page Of Searches... It Means Owning The First Page Of Results...”

And... if you were one of the smart ones to jump in with both feet you saw
your FIRST online profits!  Or maybe you used “the code” to see even greater profits than ever before!

That's what former school teacher Jenn Dize did...

“I've Made $436.50 In Affiliate Commissions So Far..."
      Jenn Dize

“I spent a few hours one day using the SAC method, and I've made $436.50 in affiliate commissions so far..." 

I honestly don't see how anyone could not make money using these methods!

"I know I'm hooked..."

Jenn Dize                

Even if you didn't get in then... Even if you're still starting out right now...  you're lucky to have arrived at this page today, because...

“I'm Cranking The Dial Up To 11 To Bring You Bigger, Faster, More Steady Profits... Even If You're Starting From Scratch And Have Never Made A Penny Online...”

I'm not kidding when I say using this brand-new step-by-step plan will make you money. But I'm not just saying that. It's 100% GUARANTEED!

So... if you were sent to this page through an e-mail, jot down the name of the person who wrote it.

I'm dead serious...

Because in 30 days you're going to want to write back to them and say “thanks.”

You'll thank them for doubling or even tripling the affiliate profits you make right now. Or better yet... you'll thank them for getting you started and making money right out of the gate.

Hi. Craig Beckta here.

I'm that guy you read about. The former helicopter mechanic who went from marketing zero to affiliate hero in no time.

Yeah... when I started I fell for all the pie-in-the-sky promises the gurus dish out. I even bought all their products. In fact I spent thousands on those plans and each time fell flat on my face.

Then... last year I “cracked the code” to extreme profits through affiliate marketing.

That's when marketing started to pan out for me. That's when I started to finally make money. Not just a couple thousand a month. I'm talking real money... like this...

Real proof of just 1 week's earnings ($6,484.14) using my strategies...

And that was before discovering the new tactics you're getting today.

Let me make sure you're 100% clear on this...

When I started in marketing, most of the strategies I'll introduce you to today...  didn't even exist!

I created my first course in order to level the playing field. I wanted to make it easier for beginners to compete with the big-shot, deep-pocket marketers...

Well... now I'm saying “Screw That...”

All's fair in love and war. And marketing is war. So...
forget about “leveling” anything...
“These Brand New Lost Codes Go
Way Beyond ‘Level.’ They Tilt The
 Entire Game In Your Favor...”

Imagine that. 

You invest in SAC-2.0 and in what feels like an instant... you cut your work in half and explode your income.

What's an income explosion look like? Like this...

This Clickbank screenshot shows how working half the time you work right now,
you can easily pocket 5 figures in a single week!
The market crushing strategies you're getting today work like gangbusters right out of the box...

"$1,500 In Sales For Only One Product..."
     Allan Bassett

"I was able to get a totally new site of mine on the first page of Google, within 5 days, for a term with over 3.5 million search results."

"Simply incredible and my sales continue to pour in..."

Allan Bassett      
 Underground Marketer

And here's the really cool part...

Your SAC-2.0 strategies don't rely on you having to buy anything else from me in the future!   

The Secret Affiliate Code 2.0 is a stand-alone solution to your online marketing woes. It truly is unlike any system you own now... or ever thought of purchasing in the past.
 “So... What Makes SAC-2.0 So Different?”
Finally there's a true follow-the-leader system that leaves nothing to chance. Now you can't fail!
I give you brand-spanking-new tactics for getting free and almost free traffic...
You get cutting edge... outside-the-box strategies for monopolizing video to fill your pockets with cash...
There's now a fool-proof way for you to pick the hottest niches, then mine them for marketing diamonds...
You now possess the ability to do keyword research in a way that's easy and until now... unimaginable...
You'll discover simple ways to pull back the curtain on ebay product sales, and use that info to profit... 
List-building like the big gurus is now within reach to even the newbiest of newbies. This one's hot!
Finally a way to ensure laser-targeted focus on the simple steps you'll take to destroy your competition...
I give you long-forgotten secrets to mindset mastery... You use these secrets to work less and earn more...
 “Wait... Why Wasn't This Stuff
 Covered In The First Course?”


These tactics are brand new. I've never covered them anywhere. As far as I know they don't even exist anywhere else.

Well... that's not entirely true...

Let me explain...

Back in July there was this rumor floating around. About a guy who took my strategies and did them even better than me. 

Word around marketing was this guy made crazy amounts of money working almost ZERO hours a day!

Can you believe it?

He took what I was doing... Added some new  strategies... put himself in the right mindset and... BAM...

 “...Dude Earned So Much Doing So Little
  He Made Me Look Like A Workaholic...”
Well... I was putting together this sequel at the time and said, “No way... I gotta see this.”

So... I found out who he was and...

Turns out it was completely true. This guy was making obscene amounts of cash as an affiliate... And he was making it while working an average of 35 minutes a day.

It blew my mind. I mean... come on... 35 minutes?

I couldn't stop thinking about it. It became like a little motivational gameshow I played in my head...

Welcome to another half-hour edition of...
 Would'ya Rather...”

Hit The Gym For A Quick Rotation... Or Collect $950.00?

Watch The Simpsons & Take A Pee... Or Earn $1,035.00?

Save $5 By Doing Your Own Laundry... Or Rake In $1,400.00?
I'm Ready To Sign Up Now!
Ding... ding... ding! We have a winner!

Okay, enough fooling around. Back to the story.

So I approached this guy.

I said... “How'd you like to be interviewed for my new course? You could reveal your methods and become a marketing star!”

 “I Wasn't Surprised When
 He Turned Me Down Flat...”

Actually... to say he turned me down is really sugar coating it...

He was completely pissed off that I even found him!

But... like I said... I wasn't surprised. I didn't think he was going to give up the gold for free.

So I stepped up my game... I offered him 5 figures to give it all up...

Again he told me to pound sand.

No matter what I offered he turned me down. And I regret to say he never changed his mind... He never revealed his secrets.

You're probably wondering if he never gave or sold the tactics to me... how did I get them?

Aaah... That's the best part of the story. And I'll reveal it to you in just a second.

But first let's get back to you...

“Do You Hate Your Job... Or At Least Hate The Idea You Might Be Working It Forever?”

Most of us don't actually hate working. It's just the idea of doing the same old thing for the rest of your life.

Me... I had a different problem. I couldn't keep a job. Not most of them at least. I failed at so many things, my uncle joked that if you looked up “failure” in the dictionary you'd see my picture next to it.

It took me a while to figure it out, but marketing was one of the few things I could do well. And my successes in this “job” have more than made up for my early failures.

Sure... I sold insurance for 8 months and pocketed a total of $80 (not kidding)... But failures like that tend to fade away after you throw a 2 minute video up on YouTube and 3 days later pocket nearly $3,700.00.

I'm not kidding when I say... do that once or twice and you'll see how quickly your family forgets about you getting fired from Walmart.
“But Isn't It Freakin' Scary
 To Work For Yourself?”

In the beginning, sure.

Let's face it.  When you work for yourself, you are totally responsible for what you earn. There's no skating through another work week just to pay the interest on your credit card. And to have a few bucks left over for Ramen noodles and a couple beers.

You don't earn any money... and your bills don't get paid. It's that simple.

But that's also the exciting part!

You are totally responsible for what you earn!

And you control the amount.
Want a new flat screen... or some other electronic toy? Put in a few hours that week and get it! Work on a Squidoo Lens... do a product review... a little keyword research... and the money is in pocket.
Want to get out of the debt you amassed through college or those years working hard for everyone else?  Just find a niche... then milk it like it was the fattest cow in the barn!
Dream of traveling the world? Put your business on auto-pilot and earn while you're skiing with your buddies in Switzerland... Sunning with your lover in St. Kitts... Or going to every World Cup game you desire!
I'm Ready To Sign Up Now!

It's all easy when you know how.

The gurus can show you how. They really can.

And if you go by their sales pages you'd think they reveal this info to everyone... everyday. But most of the time those who buy that information end up with something hard-as-hell to follow... and way-too-expensive to put into action.

 “Are You Pig-Biting Mad
  At All The Ripoff Gurus?”

They pretend they're offering up a “system” that will pick you up at your door, help you into the limo, and let you out right on the marketing red carpet...

So you send them your hard-earned money and that limo never comes.

Instead there's some broken down bus waiting for you 15 blocks away from your apartment. You get on and a couple hundred bucks later you're dumped out in the middle of the night... in the hood... a sign around your neck that says, “Sucker”... and no way to get home.

Okay... maybe I'm going a little overboard with this metaphor... but I think you get my point.

The reputation I've earned over the last year has been the rep. of a guy who over-delivers. As I said earlier... I'm not a guru. I'm just like you. Or at least I was a year ago.

I got a plan... I got success... I got what was mine...  and so can you, with...

The only hold-your-hand system of its kind... anywhere!

Jam packed with everything you need to break through to the next level... the most profitable level...

A place where the money skyrockets even while your workload disappears!
Here's just a tiny taste of what you get...
The one affiliate blueprint that lays out all the steps between where you are... and where the money is...
The roadmap that gives you the goods to route your own journey to the perfectly profitable niches...
The simple 1 - 2 -3 tactics to secretly spy on all your competition, and even your partners. It's like you've got the CIA in your pocket...
Brand new FREE TOOLS you'll use to get into your competition's head. Brain-suck your way to insane profits...
9 FREE research tools that keep you from wasting time selling ice to eskimos. Now you'll sell the best “food” to the hungriest markets...
The hidden location to HUNDREDS OF FREE TEMPLATES you'll use to suck in cash like a straw in lemonade....
A killer update to a covert strategy that puts you miles ahead of  the competition no matter how big they are, or how small you are...
The mystery of the TCM formula is  revealed. It's drop-dead simple but you may not have even heard of it...
The quick and easy marketing workout that puts massive muscle into your affiliate plans. Imagine bench pressing big bags of money...
And so much more!

Yes... I said more.

In fact, you get every single one of these brand-new niche-dominating strategies I created... uncovered... revamped and retooled.

And you get it all right here with my couldn't-get-lost-if-you-tried roadmap.

Now... thanks to those tactics (and the ones I got from that Dude I mentioned) it's faster and easier than ever to make the big money working an average of just 45 minutes a day.

I'm Ready To Sign Up Now!

It's not just fast and easy, it's...

“Could You _____ Me Some _____ When You ______... Or Is That Too _____?”

...easy... like filling out one of those Madlib things we used to play as kids. You don't just follow a plan... you fill in some blanks and you get the kind of search engine rankings you'd have to pay tens of thousands of dollars for.

And you get it all free!

But anyone can make a bold claim.

I'll go one better and prove it. Here are some recent products I was an affiliate for. And these are screenshots showing just how my pages ranked.

Yep... My new methods got me ranked #1 while the product's own website was #2!
I made a ton of sales... and it cost me nothing for traffic!

Brand new tactics got me the top spot again! Product Launch Formula 2.0
earned me $6,484.00 in 7 days... And the traffic was FREE!

On the Google Snatch 2 launch I only reached the 2 spot...
But still got tons of free traffic...and made $1,758.69!

That's right...

Using The Secret Affiliate Code 2.0 (The Lost Codes) you get all the traffic you could ever want... FREE or nearly free. That means pure profit in your hand... whether you're working, sleeping, or in Vegas for the weekend!

It just doesn't matter. Now being a super-affiliate is open to everyone.
"I Was Able To Generate $7,253.23 In Affiliate Commissions..."
        Richard Legg

"Using only a handful of techniques Craig reveals in SAC 2.0."

The best part was...it all came from, "free search engine traffic..."

"It doesn't get much better than that!"

         Richard Legg     

And that's pissing off the bigger affiliates! Because here's something you might not know...

Many product launches include prizes to the highest sellers. I've seen vacations... laptops... Ipods...

All going to the affiliates who sell the most.

One marketer even offered up a piece of vacation property!

Imagine that! You not only make 40, 75 or even more than 100 sales at $30-$50 commission each... earning yourself $3,000 to $5,000 commission for a couple days work...

But you throw in a nice prize worth a couple grand on top of it... and it all gets soooo sweet.

Obviously I can't guarantee you'll win affiliate prizes. I can't even guarantee I'll win.

I didn't win this one... But... I still made a bundle! And so can you.

You may never be a prize winner.
But you'll never have a better shot at it than you do with The Secret Affiliate Code 2.0!

Because using my system I guarantee you will sell more than you ever have before.

And I'm even going to take that guarantee to a whole new level in just a second... so hold on...

Because with SAC-2.0 it's finally cheap and easy to market at a level that used to be reserved only for the prize winners... for the big shots.

“And The 2.0 Secrets Just Keep-A-Coming...”

Because your investment today gets you...
The secret to turning Web 2.0 into your servant... doing all the work, while you lounge around and count hundred dollar bills... HOT!!!
Super-stealthy copywriting secrets the fat-cat copywriters hope you never learn. Now you can pick winners and losers before the product even launches...
The mysteries of the Niche Nanny are finally revealed. This is how you can totally dominate entire niches like a nanny controls small children!  HOT!!!
The one thing more important than having a plan. Without this, the best strategies will never make you dollar one.
The top drawer mystery to finding the fast track to marketing success. Hint: It happens before you even choose a product to sell! 
The 3 Core Secrets to growing your business every minute of every day, and doing it without spending a thin dime! HOT!!!
And I'm really still just scratching the surface...
I'm Ready To Sign Up Now!
“The Secret Affiliate Code 2.0
(The Lost Codes) Truly Give You An
Unfair  Advantage Over Your Competition...”
Here's another screenshot to demonstrate exactly how you'll use this 2.0 system... and what it will mean to your wallet.

Earning the real commissions means dominating the search engines...
Well... that has never been as easy as it is right now with SAC-2.0.

“Okay... I Get It. But What About
Dominating The Whole Page Of Results
 Like You Mentioned Earlier?”

Sure... there's something in SAC 2.0 called process-stacking. It's a cutting edge advanced technique that I've made dead-set simple if you follow my easy steps.

When you do, the tactics work together like a well-oiled machine to deliver results that were never before possible.

Results that have you taking all the highest profile spots in the search results!

If you were looking for Frank Kern's Mass Control, I bet you hit one of my pages!
It's this kind of domination that has the big-shot affiliates running scared!

Mass control was arguably the biggest Internet marketing launch of 2008. It sucked in millions of dollars...

There was so much advanced promotion people were dying for more information before buying it. Any who went to Google looking for a review, couldn't help but land on one of my pages.

That's how you dominate!
You're skeptical... I get it. I would be too.

I can't think of a better way to let you make such a big decision as this, than by showing you what these tactics and my plan have meant to so many people.

Here are more marketers who say the tactics and strategies I lay out in SAC-2.0 made the difference for them...

"WOW Craig ... This Is Simply "Code-Crackin-Crazy"
        Dave Guindon

I have been teaching students for several years on how to make money online using affiliate marketing methods ... but I NEVER tried these amazing methods for generating free traffic!

I am very impressed to say the least ... and will not only apply your "Code-Cracking" methods, but teach them to my students as well!

Oh ya ... the audio interviews kick ... BUTT!

Thanks for the amazing affiliate secret methods and all the best...

 Dave Guindon          
"I Was Immediately Struck By Its Focussed Approach To Success...
     Rob Metras

SAC 2.0 gave me the tools and the step-by-step plan to execute organized plans and test and tweak them.

"My fortunes in affiliate marketing have greatly improved..."

 Rob Metras          
"The Most Important Internet Marketing Product You'll Ever Own..."
     Fabian Tan

"This blows away all the confusing factors that lead to affiliate success and reveals a clear road to raking in consistent affiliate paychecks..." 

Fabian Tan           

It all starts with...

The 121 Page Turn-By-Turn Roadmap To The Big-Money Affiliate Cash!

The totally new cash-sucking affiliate formula rebuilt from bottom to top!
No... I didn't reinvent the wheel...

I threw the wheel away and replaced it with a virtual hover-craft that floats you right to the cash, avoiding all the roadblocks lesser marketers must navigate...

A brand-new map that bends the learning curve into a straight line...

And the system that gives you up-to-the-minute tips, tricks and tactics for stuffing big money into your pocket...
  • Even if you don't have a website...
  • Even if you don't have a list...
  • Even if you never create a product of your own!
Seriously... you'll never market the same way again!

And yeah, I made the manual quick and easy to follow. But...
It all gets “idiot-simple” when you click “play” and learn from my...

Next Generation Hands-On
  Video Learning Series!

It's a proven fact:

There is no easier way to learn new material, than by watching and following along...

Now you just watch and follow me as I show you exactly how you'll start and run your affiliate marketing business like a kingdom built on cash!

Seriously... these easy-to-follow videos make this plan simple enough for a 7 year old to follow...
Once you watch and duplicate the lessons I provide, failure isn't even an option!

You get 10 videos, each a masters class on the biggest issues marketers deal with today...

Video 1:  The SEO Code Uncovered

Video 2:  Cash-Sucking Blogging

Video 3:  Using XXXXXX For A Secret Swarm Of Traffic

Video 4:  Video Marketing On A Shoestring

Video 5:  Beyond Web 2.0 Tactics

Video 6:  Content Creation Made Super-Simple

Video 7:  How To Always Choose A Profitable Niche

Video 8:  List Building Secrets Of The Affiliate Stars

Video 9:  How To Become A Person Of Influence

Video 10:The Master Plan To Earn Affiliate Mega Cash  

Enough Explanation... I'm Ready!

And you'll turn the search engines into your own personal money machine with...
Search Engine Domination
Mini E-Book!

The perfect companion to this course...

I took every easy-to-use SEO dominating tactic and put them in 1 simple to reference document.


The winning strategies are right at your fingertips.

Others who have tried (unsuccessfully)
to duplicate my system, haven't even thought of this! But with SAC-2.0 you get it free!
You even get a full update to my other best selling course...
The “Cracked Code 2”
Mini E-Book!

I broke the original course down, and updated it to work in 2009... and beyond!

Older strategies reworked, revamped and reimagined!

The ripoff gurus out there will charge you big bucks
for an update like this. But because you're investing in SAC-2.0 today, I'm throwing this update in free. Not as a special bonus, but as part of the package!

If you had any reservations thinking SAC-2.0 was just an little update to the original, you now know it's not.
The update is handled completely in this mini e-book.  
The rest is brand-new!
I'm Ordering Right Now!
Now you're never left wondering what to do now... or what to do next, with...

The Daily Planner
For Internet Marketers!

Everyday I hear from those who have become successful using my programs.

You've read some of them on this very page...

But I also hear from those who have never even tried.

And one of the biggest reasons they give for choosing to do nothing is...

They don't know where to start. Well... I fixed that with SAC-2.0's follow-the-leader system...

An now I'm fool-proofing it with this daily planner that never leaves you wondering what to do... EVER!
And... I'm Going To Change Your Mind Right Now, With...

The Money Mindset!
The success of “The Secret” has shown just how crucial mindset can be to the profitability of any business endeavor...

That's why I'm including mindset affirmations geared especially to marketers!
Now that little push some of you need to get moving, is right with you... anytime you want it.

This just might be the document that marks the turning point in your online success!
Plus... For The First Time Ever... A Free Addon Created Especially For The Brand New Marketer...
The “Total Newbie” Pack!

Because I know  starting something brand new can be totally intimidating, I've put together the Total Newbie pack...

We're turning newbie's into instant novices, with these 2 powerful documents...
It starts with...

The Introduction Internet Marketing Guide:
A mini e-book that fills you in on the basics, ensuring you have all the tools to take full advantage of this amazing package. Plus...

The Marketing Definition Cheatsheet:
A short and to the point reference guide that guarantees you'll never be left guessing what the heck something means.

Now you have no excuse for getting started with your new business... today!
Yes, Craig... Let's Do This!

“That's Everything, Right Craig?”
Not Even Close! Because...
If You Sign Up Now, You
 Get These 2 Incredible...
Fast Action Bonuses!

The “New Code” 90 Minute Audio Series!

Cash-Sucking Q&A from 2 of the most successful... and most  talked about affiliate marketers online today!

“Willie Crawford Unleashes A Tidalwave Of Free Traffic”

In this interview, Master Marketer Willie Crawford gives up his latest and greatest traffic domination secret!

How would you like to add 2,000 new potential customers to your business in less than a month? And how'd you like to do it for free?

That's what Willie did, and after soaking up every minute of this interview, you will too!

“The 30 Minute Man, Alex Goad”

Alex reveals his 30 minute method that instantly positions you as an authority in your niche. Authority means free traffic. And this kind of super-authority means a massive traffic surge, all for free.

And what does that mean? Come on, gang... you should know by now it means...
Cash... cash and more... CASH!

“That's An Hour And A Half Of Pocket-Stuffing
 Interviews With Masters In Their Fields...

Instantly Delivered In MP3 Format...  And I'm Even Including The PDF Transcripts Of Each Call!”
These bonuses... plus all the hands-on, instant-action training means you can get the same kind of traffic explosions I get. Results like...

The number 4 spot for niche Annihilation Method. All free using my methods!
And free traffic means pure profits like $43K in 11 weeks!

I'm Ready To Sign Up Now!

“So... How Much Is This Kind Of
 Success Gonna Run Me?”

I promise to tell you in just a second. But let me say right now, it'll be much less than you're thinking... The number anyone in-the-know would have in their mind right now is at least double what you'll pay...

And I'll give you that number, but first I promised to tell you the rest of the story about that Dude who wouldn't sell me his ideas.

I got them anyway. And here's how...

I stole them!

Yep... you heard me. I stole 'em... legally (and ethically) of course.

Here's how I did it...

I used my own secret spying strategies to learn exactly what he was doing...

Then I reverse engineered his results and uncovered his secret code.

And this is the coolest part!

You can do the same thing from now on! That means...

You may never have to buy another strategy... ever again. You just spy and swipe!

Sometimes I amaze myself!

Now how much would you pay for that? How much would you pay to never have to learn something new?

How much would you pay to have the secret to taking what works for your competition... and using it against them?

You know, I've told this before but when I first started out I wasted more than one quarter of my salary on worthless

I say "worthless" because so many products sold today are hyped up garbage.

Since I started I've seen marketing bigshots come and go. Names that literally disappeared from the face of the earth after lying to their customers one too many times.

The most important thing I learned from that is that repuation is everything...

That's why I make sure to always back up my claims... always over-deliver on promises..

It's that kind of commitment you invest in, when you invest right now in The Secret Affiliate Code 2.0.

It's my commitment to you... and to the details of affiliate marketing that guarantee you'll dominate simply... quickly... and easily... as long as you stick to my plan.

Remember, what you're getting is everything you need to know to get started... and keep rocketing to the stratosphere with your affiliate business.

The brand new affiliate battle plan... The content-packed e-book... The 10 training videos... and all the rest...

Other marketers would easily charge $200.00 for this system...

But you'll pay just a small fraction of that for The Secret Affiliate Code 2.0.

I'm willing to let you have it all for just $134. That's less than $135 bucks for the secrets to making your affiliate business take off like the space shuttle!

That's a deal at twice the price, considering that I'm giving you all the tools, tactics and tricks to crush your competition once and for all.
How's that sound?

“How Do Results Like This
Sound To You?”

Enough To Buy That New Convertible For Cash... Working Less Than 4 Months!

Let's Squeeze The Trigger On This, Craig...

You Get Guaranteed Results:

Honest... real world results. You work the system... you make money. Work it harder... you make more money. Work it smarter... and you get a boatload of money!

You Get Idiot-Simple Instruction:

The e-books... the videos... the newbie pack... the bonuses...

Together... they deliver unparalleled simplicity allowing you to start... run... and grow your own affiliate marketing business. 

You Get Motivation To Succeed:

You know... the biggest roadblock an Internet marketer faces is the same roadblock all entrepreneurs face... motivation. When you don't have an a-hole boss cracking the whip, you have to crack your own.

With SAC-2.0. you get whip-cracking motivation through my Money Mindset mini e-book. Now putting your head and your actions in the same place is as easy as a mouse click!

You Get The Kind Of Proof That Pisses Off My Competition:

While other marketers deliver empty promises, I deliver mounds of proof.

Throughout this page I have shown you undeniable proof of all my claims. Plus... testimony from people just like you. People my systems have made the difference for, time and time again. You will not find this level of proof in any competing system. 

Plus... It All Comes Backed
 By An Industry Leading...


60 Day
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