Home Business List

The TOP No Experience Needed Businesses You Can Start.

Cashing In On Christmas – Start A Successful Christmas Light Installation Business And Earn A 6-Figure Income For Less Than 3 Months Work. Complete Business Course.

Office Cleaning Business – $54,000 Part-time Office Cleaning Biz! Tells How To start your own business with Little Or No money.

How to Build A Million Dollar Medical Transportation Company – Our economy stinks but the medical industry and the elderly population are Booming! Invest in this 305 page ebook and discover everything to build a Nemt business.

Hot Dog Cart Profits. Make Fast & Easy Money. This Is The Easiest Way I Know To Make Better Than Average Income every Day Without Any Formal Education or Business Experience.

Cleaning Foreclosures – With 175,000 foreclosures/month, banks need property preservation companies to clean up and fix up these properties. Recession resistant, low startup, Huge profit potential.

Start A Photography Business – Whether your 18, retired, or somewhere in between you can do this. All you need is a Basic Camera, Basic Lighting, Simple Background, Computer, any version of Photoshop or Photoshop Elements and our NewPortraitBiz Photography Business Plan.

Pet Grooming Course – Discover How to Make Money With Your Very Own Successful Dog Grooming Business in Just 12 Easy Steps.

Window Tinting Business – Insider Secrets Revealed. How To Easily Start Your Own Lucrative Money Making Window Tinting Business In Your Spare-Time and Generate Up to $300.00 Per Day- Guaranteed.

Scrapbooking Business – Quickly Start Your Own Scrapbooking Business From Home. At least $500 a week. Instant start-up secrets … written for beginners … easy to understand.

T-shirt Profits – The t-shirt market is Hot and the income potential is Unlimited. This step-by-step guide will walk you through setting up your t-shirt business, promoting your t-shirts, including turning celebrities into fans, finding media contacts and more.

Purse Party Profits – Start your very own fun, exciting and very profitable business hosting purse parties.

Leaflet Distribution Business – Build a substantial leaflet distribution business, using this can’t fail business plan, no capital required, no experience necessary, start earning immediately, part time or full time. Anyone can implement this proven business formula.

Gift Basket Business - The ultimate resource for the Gift Basket Industry. How-to videos, guides, templates, supplier lists and more.

Medical Billing Business – The most truthful 20 step guide on starting a work from home medical billing career and home based medical billing business. This 108 page home business bible has 2 printable contracts, phone script, setup checklist, marketing flyer’s and much more.

Party Rental Business – Complete guide to starting and operating a successful party rental business that can be easily operated from a home. Great business for families. Not only is it profitable, but the kids love it.

Mobile Billboard Business – A 261 page easy to read e-book with simple instructions and strategies to start, learn, operate and make money with mobile billboards.

Start A Window Cleaning Business
Start A Window Tinting Business
Mail order
Apartment and home cleaning
Hauling service
Restaurant/food delivery business
Automobile detailing
Sell a product at flea markets
Flyer distribution service
Garden weeding business
Lawn mowing service
Sell goods on eBay
Recycling business
Pet Transportation Business
Garage sale host
Pressure washing business
Grocery shopping service
Errand runner for small business owners
Garage cleaning
Buy into a franchise
Bottle and market a family recipe
Deliver groceries and bottled water to boaters
Coat check service for local restaurants
Wait business-cable installation, deliveries, etc

More Businesses You Can Start in Alphabetical Order


Abstracting Data Service
Accommodation Agency
Advertising: Agency
Advertising: Ad Sheet Business
Advertising: Outdoor Trailer
Advertising: Promotional Products
Advertising: Restaurant Placemats
Advertising: Sales Representative
Aerobics Instructor
Agricultural Marketing
Airbrush Artist
Amusement Arcade
Animal: Accommodation
Animal: Broker
Animal: Training
Animal: Travel Service
Answering Service
Antique Sales and Restoration
Apartment Preparation Service
Art Consultant
Art Festival Promoter
Art Gallery
Assurance – Insurance Broker
Astrology and Fortune Telling
Audio Bookstore
Audio Tape Recording
Auto: Appearance Service
Auto: Battery Recharging Service
Auto: Bumper – Vinyl Repair Service
Auto: Collision Repair
Auto: Detailing
Auto: Fitment Center
Auto: Maintenance Service
Auto: Paint Touch-Up
Auto: Sound System – Alarm Installation
Auto: Spares and Accessories
Auto: Tune-up and Lubrication
Auto: Valet Service
Auto: Window Stickers
Auto: Windscreen Etching
Auto: Windscreen Repair
Awnings and Canopies


Baby Boutique
Baby Sitting
Ballet – Dance School
Balloon Promotions Service
Band Manager
Banner Service
Bar – Tavern
Bartending – Cocktail Service
Bed and Breakfast – Guest House
Bee Keeping
Bicycle Rentals
Bicycle Shop
Bird Aviaries – Breeder
Body Care Boutique
Bodyguard Service
Bookkeeping Service
Bridal Planning Service
Building Maintenance Service
Business Broker
Business Incorporation Service
Business Matchmaking – Networking
Business Plan Preparation Service
Butler Service
Buyers Information Service


Calendar – Diary Brokerage
Camping and Mountaineering Supplies
Candle Making
Candy Store
Cane Ware
Card Art
Career – Scholarship Service
Caretaker Service
Carpet, Curtains and Upholstery Cleaning
Casting Service
Catering Service
CD Exchange
Cellular Phone Brokerage
Children’s: Clothing Boutique
Children’s: Computer Training
Children’s: Day Care Service
Children’s: Holiday Camps
Children’s: Identification Tag Service
Children’s: Personalized Books
Children’s: Used Clothing Store
Children’s: Used Toy Store
Chocolate Making
Cleaning Blinds
Clothing Store: Second Hand
Coffee Bar
Coin-Operated Laundry Service
Cold Drink – Soda Making
Collectibles – Memorabilia Store
Compost – Fertilizer Sales
Computer: Hardware – Software
Consumer Buying Club
Computer: Repair and Maintenance
Computer: Corporate Training
Corporate Learning Center
Cosmetic Boutique
Cost Reduction Consultant
Costume Hire
Coupon Service
Courier – Messenger Service
Craft and Art Supply Shop
Crime Prevention Service
Curio Store
Curtain – Drapes Store


Damage Restoration Service
Dating – Introduction Service
Debt Collection Agency
Decorative Mugs – T-shirts
Designer Shopping Bags
Desktop Publishing
Diaper Delivery Service
Direct Marketing
Disco – Mobile DJ
Display Artist
Document Storage Service
Driver Training School
Dry Cleaning Service
Duplicating and Copy Service


Embroidery – Monogramming Service
Employment Agency
Engraving Service
Entertainer for Hire
Errand Service
Event Planning Service
Exterminator – Pest Control Service


Fabric Store
Family History – Genealogical Service
Fax Service
Financial Broker
Firewood Supply Service
Fish Farming
Fitness Center
Flea Market Organizer
Flower Nursery
Food: Delivery Service
Food: Mobile Vending
Food: Pizzeria
Food: Sandwich – Salads – Soups
Food: Take-out
Freelance Writing
Freight: Auditing
Freight: Brokerage
Fruit and Vegetable Store
Furniture Moving Service


Garage Cleaning
Garden: Equipment Repair
Garden: Landscaping
Garden: Maintenance Service
Gift Basket Service
Gift Hamper Service
Gift Store
Gift Wrapping Service
Glass Replacement Service
Graphic Designer
Grocery – Convenience Store


Hairdressing Salon
Handyman Service
Health Foods and Vitamin Store
Herb and Spice Shop
Herb Farming
Hiking Trails Guide
Hire – Rental Store
Hobby Store
Home Industry Ideas
Home Industry Store
Home: Appliance Repair Service
Home: Bath Repair – Refinishing
Home: Computing
Home: Entertainment Installation
Home: Inspection Service
Home: Kitchenware
Home: Paving – Walling Contractor
Home: Plumbing Service
Home: Remodeling Service
Home: Roof and Guttering Repair
Home: Wallpaper -Stenciling Service
Horse Riding School
Household Cleaning Materials
House Painting and Decorating
House Sitting


Ice Cream Parlor
Image Consultant
Import – Export
Information Broker
Interior Designer
Internet: Marketing Service
Internet: Online Researcher
Internet: Web Page Design
Ironing Service


Janitorial Service
Jewelry and Watch Repair


Karaoke Disc Jockey
Knitting Service


Label Printing
Lamp Shades
Language Translation Service
Leaflet Distribution
Limousine Service
Lingerie Boutique
Liquidated Goods Broker
Liquor Store
Luggage and Travel Goods Shop


Maid Cleaning Service
Maid – Nanny Placement Service
Mail Listing Service
Mail Order Business
Mailbox Rental – Business Service
Manicurist Service
Market Research Service
Massage and Slimming Clinic
Master Of Ceremonies – Public Speaker
Men’s Outfitters
Millinery: Hat Manufacture
Mini-Office Suite Hire
Mobile Disc Jockey
Modeling – Deportment School
Motivational Speaker
Motor Cycle: Repair and Maintenance
Multi-Level Marketing
Music Teacher
Musical Instrument Store


New Building Cleaning
Newsletter Publishing
Newspaper Delivery Service
Newspaper – Magazine Clipping Service
Night Club
900-Number Service
Nurse Placement Agency


Office: Equipment and Maintenance
Office: Indoor Plants Hire – Maintenance
One-Hour Photo Lab
Outdoor Adventures


Paper Merchant
Parking Lot Stripping and Maintenance
Party Organizer
Pasta Store
Pawn Shop
Payroll Preparation Service
Personal Shopping Service
Pet: Funeral Service
Pet: Identification Tag Service
Pet: Grooming Salon
Pet Shop
Pet Sitting
Photographic Broker
Photographic Studio
Picture Framing
Pool and Billiard Club
Pottery and Ceramics
Print Broker
Private Investigator
Producing Discount Cards
Professional Organizer
Public Relations Service


Real Estate Agency
Record – Tape – CD Music Store
Recycled Records
Recycling Consultant
Recycling Printer Cartridges
Referral Service
Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Repair
Refurbished Sports Equipment
Refuse – Waste Removal Service
Religious Bookshop
Relocation Consultant
Restaurant Supplies and Equipment
Resume Writing Service
River Rafting
Road Freight Service
Rubber Stamp Business
Rug Making


Sail Bat Charter
Sales Marketing Agent – Representative
Sales Trainer
Scrap Dealer
Screen Printing
Scuba Diving School
Seamstress – Alteration Service
Secretarial Service
Security: Gate and Fencing
Security: Guards
Self Defense School
Self-improvement – Motivation Seminars
Self-service Mini Storage
Seminar Promotion
Senior Citizen: Day Care
Sharpening Service
Shoe Repair Kiosk
Showbiz – Talent Agent
Signage Service
Silk Flower Shop
Small Business Consultant
Software Store
Solar Heating Contractor
Specialty Gift Shop
Speech and Drama Tuition
Sport Talent Scout
Stained Glass Business
Swimming Pool Maintenance


Tape Duplication Service
Tax Aid Consultant
Tele Marketing
Telephone Answering Service
Television – VCR Repair Service
Temp Staffing Agency
Tobacco Shop
Tool Rental Service
Tour Guide Operator
Towing – Breakdown Service
Travel Agency
Travel Club
Tree Felling and Pruning Service
Tuition Service
Tuxedo Rental Store
Typesetting Service


Uniform Rental Service
Unpacking – Packing Service
Upholsterer Service
Used: Bookstore
Used: Car Dealer
Used: Car Rental
Used: Consignment Furniture
Used: Video Games


Vegetable Farming
Vegetarian Store
Vending Service
Video: Dubbing and Duplicating Service
Video: Hire Shop
Video: Inventory Service
Video: Production
Visitors Info Bureau
Voicemail Service


War Games – Paintball
Window Cleaning Service
Window Dresser
Women’s Apparel Boutique
Wooden Toy Maker
Word-processing Service