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DIY Credit Repair Saves MoneyPUT the law on your side and use your rights. Credit bureaus and collection agencies are FOR PROFIT companies reporting information on you. Studies show that 79% of credit reports contain errors! Your credit needs counseling and you're the best expert for the job.

If you're dealing with nasty issues on your credit reports like collection accounts, charge offs, tax liens, lates, and judgments, you may think there is nothing you can do. Wrong! The law makes it your absolute right to fix credit issues that are inaccurate, obsolete or unverifiable using the FDCPA, FCRA and FCBA (credit laws). Most negative items have reporting flaws.

People confuse REAL credit repair with quick fixes and scams and that simply isn't how its done. Real credit repair is very legal and can be very powerful, if done right. Fixing your credit the right way is a combination of credit laws, education and follow through. If 7 out of 10 credit reports contain errors, chances are, so do yours.

Get started with our Affordable DIY credit repair and force the credit bureaus, creditors, and collection agencies to PROVE it or remove it! See other happy customers | Get Started | About Us

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Dispute errors with the original source if you're having problems with the credit bureaus. What's better, debt consolidation or debt negotiations? Find out which one suits your needs. Bad credit time limits. Find out how long those negative marks can remain on your credit reports! Credit Repair by lawsuit? You bet! You can sue creditors, collectors and bureaus for violations. Issues with judgments? Learn how to deal with judgments effectively.
Find low APR credit cards that fit your credit rating. Save money, save inquiries! Need sample letters to help you with credit and collection issues? We have many and you can get them FREE. Don't understand the FCRA? We can help you breakdown the Fair Credit Reporting Act. Being harassed by a debt collector? The FDCPA can protect you from harassment and more. Do you have debt issues out of control? Debt settlements may be the answer.
Confused about your rights? Read up. Credit issues from divorce? Get free tips to help you recover. Free credit repair tips. Use our free guide to fix credit issues. Garnishment worries? Free guide to dealing with them. New credit help. The FACTA is a step forward.

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