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What Affiliate Elite is Really All About

As a “baby” in the internet marketing arena, I do a lot of research on different products, trying to find a tool that really works. I wanted something new so I decided to see for myself what Affiliate Elite is really all about. Read the rest of this entry »

Affiliate Elite – Read the Review Before You Buy

Brad Callen’s new software program, Affiliate Elite, is a frequent topic of conversation on many forums and other internet marketing venues. It is hard to do a search for the word “affiliate” without finding some mention of this program. But as any seasoned internet marketer knows, most programs promoted are garbage being peddled till they wear out after earning the owner’s a nice fat profit so naturally I was a bit cynical when I first heard of this program. Read the rest of this entry »

Affiliate Elite – Bringing the Competitors Down

Have you ever wondered what AdWords your competitors have been using for the past years that had always given them the top spot on every search engine specifically Google? Affiliate Elite is the answer to your problem.

With Affiliate Elite you would not only know the AdWords that your competitors have been using for years to get that top spot, the product would also give you a view of competitors now and your potential competitors in the future and how you could beat them. Read the rest of this entry »

Cost Per Action Marketing is As Easy As 1-2-3

Affiliate Marketing can be extremely difficult to pick up the first time around. Despite this fact, there is a way to promote “Cost Per Action” offers that are as easy as 1 2 3. Although this may sound a bit far-fetched it is completely legit because expert gurus have made extreme amounts of money with it for a long time. The secret method they use is known as “Media Buys.” Media Buys is a term that has been existent for ages. Read the rest of this entry »

What Is Affiliate Elite And How Does It Help You?

Affiliate Elite is the big news for ClickBank this week as it launched this week with very hyped up marketing by affiliates. Now, what is this program that people are raving about? Well, if you are a ClickBank affiliate, this is one software that you should purchase to have an edge over other competitors. Brad Callen, the creator of SEO Elite and Keyword Elite brings affiliates another tool that really gives an unfair edge to people with out it. What does this program do? It has 4 functions. Read the rest of this entry »

Super Affiliates by Ewen Chia – Worth the Price? Worth the Time? Or is it Just Another Scam?


There are three main reasons why Super Affiliates by Ewen Chia is not the place to start when looking for an online money making program:


Super Affiliates website is way too complex and long for anyone trying to get into the affiliate business. If the sales page is this complicated, you can just imagine what the program will be like. The program you choose should be SIMPLE and easy to understand. I’m not saying that there are affiliate programs that are easy to make money from, but there are ones with excellent helpful instructions and other programs like Super Affiliates that are too complicated to keep up with. Read the rest of this entry »

Choose Your Cost Per Action Offer

Someone who is just starting the process of Cost Per Action Marketing is confronted with an assortment of offers that will most likely confuse him, in fact it might seem devastating to try and unravel what the offers are.

A few commonly used types in any Cost Per Action network are free-trial offers, zip-submit offers, and e-mail submit offers. Read the rest of this entry »

SEO + Google = Money

There is no point in spending hours upon hours standing up a phenomenal site if there is no way to find it without directly typing the URL into the address bar. Who does that these days? Do you? Read the rest of this entry »

Affiliate Elite Revealed

“Affiliate Elite” by Brad Callen is yet another product that is packed with vital information for affiliate marketers. It will teach you how to access information such as the products that really sell and are currently making other affiliates earn big bucks. If they are promoting these products and are making good money out of it, you might as well know what it is. If you are still in the process of choosing the right niche and the right product, “Affiliate Elite” will also give you the market statistics on which niche is growing more and more successful by the day and which product is emerging towards success. Read the rest of this entry »

Making Money Online With Simple Websites

Many people who are initially attracted to the prospect of making money online through websites are quickly put off when they come to learn about the effort that is required of them, if they are to make any real money online. And indeed, in days gone by, it would have taken major investments in terms of time and money before you could make any money through your websites. Thankfully though, things are changing, and it is possible nowadays to make real money online through really simple websites, and without any major investments in terms of money or effort. Read the rest of this entry »

CPA (Cost-Per-Action) Affiliate Programs

The Internet is full of acronyms – CPC, PPC, EPC, etc., etc. And now we have another, CPA. So what is CPA?

CPA is an acronym or short for Cost Per Action or Cost Per Acquisition. The term CPA is not new. If you browse through the Search Engines using the keyword phrase “cost per action” or “cost per acquisition” you will find numerous websites with CPA related articles dating from 2001 – over 5 years ago. Read the rest of this entry »

Google Cash Sniper – Beware

To anyone who’s been out from under a rock in the past fifteen years, another online way to make money could be anything from a gem of hope to a scam. Most people are smart to be critical due to all the scandalous things that are out there. This Google Cash Sniper review will go over the facts of this program briefly so that it would be simple to determine if you would want to learn more about it. Read the rest of this entry »

Become a SuperAffiliate With Ewen Chia

Ewen Chia’s SuperAffiliates is one amazing program. Raw newbies and seasoned affiliate marketers alike can get tons of benefits from this monthly service.

If you have never heard of Ewen Chia, he is considered the number one online affiliate marketer of all time. After using Superaffiliates, I tend to agree. I have spent, literally, days going over the available resources on the web site. Read the rest of this entry »

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