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Internet forums can be a great source of instant traffic.

Forum posting can provide a way for you to network with others, get yourself seen and heard.  You will set up a signature that will be displayed at the bottom of every post you make.

The way to set up your signature may vary from forum to forum.  For the most part you can add or edit your forum signature by finding a link on the forum that says “profile”, or something similar.

Once you do this, you can enter your signature code into the provided box and usually there will be a way to preview how it will look.  Forum code is a little bit different than standard html.

Your forum signature code may look like this.

[b][url=””]9-Tier Shopping Rebate System[/url][/b]
100% FREE to participate. No membership fees. Nothing to sell.
Receive commission from every shopper in your downline!

To determine whether the forum accepts standard html or special forum code, also known as BBCode, click on a link to create a new topic. Don’t worry, you don’t actually have to submit it yet.  When you’ve started the process of creating a new topic, you should see a text box where you would enter your post.  Look around for some text that says whether or not html is accepted.  You may see a link that that says “forum code” if not.  Click that link and a box should pop up that shows you what is accepted.  Chances are it will be similar to what I posted above.

Now that you have your signature in place, go to the main forum and introduce yourself as a new member.  You should tell a little about yourself, your level of experience maybe, what you hope to gain from being a member of their forum, some interests and hobbies if you’re feeling overly chatty.

Hopefully, the forum members will drop in and welcome you.  Be sure and thank them and communicate back to them each time.  This will help to build up your post count as well as display your signature on the bottom of each post.

On your welcome post as well as any topics you personally start, check the box to subscribe to the thread or receive post notifications, the wording may vary.  The point is to receive notice via email whenever someone responds to one of these threads.

This allows you to stay active on these forums and not appear like you are just dropping by to solicite business with no intentions of contributing to their community.  Receiving notifications for threads or topics to which you’ve posted in but not started is unnecessary and will only flood your mail box.

Make sure you take a moment before getting started and read the community rules.  These are usually stickied up towards the top of the page and will show you what is allowed on the board so far as suggesting opportunities, posting links, etc…

You can either bookmark this page, add each forum to your favorites, (don’t forget to create a special folder first for organization), or use Roboform, which is what I use and recommend. 

If you use Roboform, you can actually have it manage all of your links and logins for each forum.  Since it’s also a form filler, you can even use it to semi-automate the forum registration process.  It’s also handy for submitting articles, you can learn more about that in the article writing guide.

Now you’re ready to start posting.

The key to this type of marketing is to get your signature seen as much as possible so don’t be shy about posting.  Avoid one or two word replies, this will be frowned upon and you will look like you are just spamming your signature.

Be sure and welcome all new forum members!!  This puts your signature out in front of newcomers as well as let’s people know that you are a friendly person, someone they can trust and will want to do business with.

Below you will find a list of forums for you to join but the list is not all inclusive.  There are forums for nearly every subject you can imagine.

Webmaster Related (Creating, and earning from a website) - Webmaster community where one can learn to make money running a website. Many great Tips and tricks A webmaster haven. Many great internet gurus are here. Another Webmaster forum which talks a lot about Adsense. Big name players are here including Google employees themselves. - Really good section about Google. Discusses all types of SEO related topics - Pretty Much discusses everything related to running and hosting a Website - Focused on Site design, with a nice marketplace and SEO folder. - Everything you need to know about Html, programming, graphics, e-commerce and more. - Probably the most comprehensive Programming and development forum online. Folders for all programming languages. - Focused almost completely on SEO. Some really smart people with a lot of great insight post here. - Focused almost completely on website promotion and development. - Generally about programming and scripting websites with sections on domain names, and other money related topics. Focused on forum administrators, and how to make money with an internet forum. - Focused completely on website coding and designing Everything from Website development to monetization discussed here. - Website creation and marketing discussed here. - Very Large webmaster marketplace, and huge Freelancer community. - Focused on the Blogging community and how to monetize a blog. Geared towards hosting resellers but has some relevant sections on making money selling hosting and running a website. Very active. Canadian version of Webhostingtalk. Focus’s mainly on website scripting. - Focused almost completely on website hosting and selling hosting for a profit. - Really good forum for coding, html, and graphics. - Pretty much dedicated to anything webmaster related, but focused on the coding and design aspects. - General Webmaster talk and marketplace’ - Geared mostly towards Java script programming, with a nice section about making money online. - Spans all webmaster topics, with a really good Internet marketing section - Not as active as some of the others, but has a nice marketplace section for buying and selling web services and sites. Pretty much a quieter form of Sitepoint. Moderators seem active but not as many active members. - Rather quiet, but there are some SEO experts posting here. A Webmaster learning community. Many different programming language topics, as well as a site critique seciton. Moderately crowded. Based in the Uk, and has a great business section. Some really good folders about Google optimization and Google Adsense. - Everything related to creating a website. - Large selection of webmaster related topics. - Almost completely about SEO. They have a really good Help and Advice section. - Just made the cutoff in terms of traffic, but the good Google related section gave it a bump. - The largest forum for adult webmasters. - The second largest adult webmaster related site.

Miscellaneous (General, all types of money making and saving topics): This is our own forum. Pretty much covers every Money making opportunity there is online from Hyips, to Forex, to Running a website to blogging. - Really good section for making money online, as well as other related topics. - Discusses different ways to make money online. A variety of topics. - Not as busy as it once was., but a lot of good topics and moderators. - Focused on a variety of topics including domain names and site design. Nice section on internet advertising, as well as design and Free web hosting. - Barely made the list because of low traffic, but there is a lot of great information about several money making topics here.

TheFreeAdForum - Place for webmasters to advertise their sites and opportunities to make money. - Great place for webmasters to post ads to their site for free. - A variety of topics including a “Making Money on the Web” section - Covers a large assortment of webmaster money making topics. Focused on Iraqi Dinar investing via the internet, with sections for hyips and autosurfs as well. - Focused on a variety of topics. Anything related to making money online is discussed here. Focused on risky online programs like HYIPs and Autosurfs, but discusses a variety of other money related topics. - Another forum dedicated more towards High yields investing and risky programs. Also has various other money making topics. Focus’s on Hyips and Get to to surf programs, and has a unique points system. Focus’s on Hyips, but also discusses a variety of other money making topics. Focus’s on E-currencies, Hyips, and webmaster related issues. Admins are not too fond of Talkgold, but this list isn’t biased ;) It deserves to be here.

Affiliate/Internet Marketing Related:

ABestWeb - Dedicated to everything related to Affiliate marketing. Largest Affiliate forum online - One of My Favorite forums related to Internet Marketing in General. - Really good forum for affiliate marketing and earning online. All about internet marketing and generating traffic to your website. - Discusses ways to earn through affiliates and other means of website ad publishing. - Very Organized affiliate related discussions. - General Affiliate marketing discussion. Really great community for people who sell ebooks via clickbank.

Im4Newbies- A WarriorForum for people just getting started in internet marketing. Good information found here.

Work At Home related: - Forum for work at home moms. Targeted for online working. Very good information and advice - Discusses a variety of money making topics, but focused on people looking to make money at home with their computer. - Focused on people looking to earn from home primarily via the web. - For work at home moms looking to earn money online. Not too many topics, but it is targeted.

Business Related forums: - UK based business forum. Has a nice section on E-commerce. - Rather new forum, but it does have some good traffic and a lot of great information for people looking to start a business online and off. A general business related discussion forum with a large section for internet business’s

Online Get Paid to Programs and HYIP Related: - Dedicated to the discussion of risky High yield investments as well as other online ways to earn. - This is another forum for High yield investments mainly. - The largest forum dedicated to all programs such as Paid to read, paid to click, paid to promote programs. - Sort of quiet, but it’s the second largest forum dedicated to “Get paid to” programs Focused mainly on Internet investments, MLMs and risky internet programs. - A High Yield investment forum. Discusses very risky Investment programs run online. Focused on Hyips. Also has a Cash giveaway folder like Focused mainly on Hyips but also discusses other topics.

MoneyFanClub- Rather New forum focusing on Hyips, cyclers and money doubles.

Money Saving / Free stuff related: - This is a forum that discusses ways to save money. Have a really good deals and Freebie section. Based in the UK, and extremely popular. - The Largest online Deals and Freebie forum there is. - One of the largest online deal finding, and free stuff forums. - Extremely organized online deal and freebie forum - Hot deals, Free stuff, and finance discussion - Dedicated to online free stuff and website deals. - All about saving money and finding free stuff online. - Great for finding the best online deals and free giveaways. - UK based free stuff and bargain discussion. - Freebies, Deals, and giveaways. - Focused on Stay home Moms and Dads who want to save money, find bargains and get freebies.

You are not limited to the forums above, you can find more forums by searching Google for whatever subject you are interested in plus the word “forum”…

If you were interested in cars or recipes, you could search google like this


You can also look here,

Board Tracker is a handy tool you can also use. It allows you to enter search terms and it will monitor and notify you if any of your keywords are mentioned.  You want to be careful and not enter vague search terms like, money or else you will receive way to many notifications.

However, it would be perfect to enter keywords such as, “My Power Mall“, where you would only receive notifications when someone is specifically mentioning whatever product or service you are selling.

It’s also useful to watch for domain names, site titles and your board nickname so that you can respond immediately to any threads you or your sites may be mentioned in.  It will seem like magic to the uninformed, how you mysteriously appear out of nowhere every time your name is whispered.

A few of the forums above allow you to offer your products for sale.  This is an excellent tool to not only make some money from the sales but also to drive traffic and signups.  More about this in the Create your own product guide.

By the way, did you know that you can start your own message board?  It’s better if you have your own hosting account and place it on your server.  If not, you can set up a free one at

If you host one on your own server, you can use a script like PhpBB which is free, you then can control the advertising, etc…  If you use a free hosted forum like pro boards, they will place adsense ads on your forum to monetize it.  You still get a forum for free and can set up as many as you like in as many different niches as you like.  Look through some of our other marketing sections to learn how to build the traffic to it.

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