ArticleBot v2.0 Review

If you’ve been looking for a way to mass submit articles, you may be thinking about ArticleBot by Icansoft. I bought and installed it myself and here’s what I think about it.

Article Submitter Review Makes Article Marketing Fast and Simple

I recently read an article discouraging internet marketers from purchasing Article Submitter for the use of article marketing. In the article they stated that once they entered all their information in the directory, the submit button was no where to be found. After contacting customer service numerous times they did not get their issue resolved [...]

Article Submitter Software Review

Article submitters have been around for years now and people often wonder if they should use them or not. So here are some pros and cons about article submitter software.

The Secret Most Article Submitter Developers Don’t Want You to Know

Submitting articles to different article directories is a daunting task. For someone who submits articles frequently, they’ll probably tell you how they end up spending about an hour submitting their articles just to 10 article sites.

Article Submitter V3 the Facts and Myths

The Article Submitter software is quite good really, its sadly let down by its database of article websites that will accept your articles. Having spent days taming this beast and forcing it to do what it should do anyway, I decided to write this article about Article Submitter so others could make wise and informed [...]

How Can an Article Submitter Be Advantageous to Your Online Business?

Opinions regarding article submitters have differed among internet marketers, to say the least. Some find them to be useful to their online businesses; others don’t quite see the difference they make in website traffic. Here’s how article submitters can become an integral part of your article marketing traffic campaign when used correctly.

Mass Article Control Review – Article Marketing Tips

Do you want to know more about making money online with articles using the Mass Article Control method? This is a traffic generation strategy that has been used for a long time and has proven to still work until today. It may not yield the fastest results, but it is certainly able to produce cheap [...]