Setting Up Your Build a Niche Store Website Features and Options

Once you’ve installed the build a niche store software on your server and set up a secure password, the next step will be to set up your bans store. This is where you will tell it what niche you want to build for, enter your ebay affiliate tracking ID and configure your niche stores display.

Securing Your Build a Niche Store Admin Panel

Once you’ve installed the build a niche store script on your server, the first thing you’ll want to do is make sure it is secure. The last thing you want is someone sneaking in and changing the ebay affiliate code to their own.

How To Make More Money Using BANS (Build A Niche Store)

This is to show you how to make more money using Build A Niche Store (Bans). If you aren’t familiar with Build A Niche Store (Bans), it’s a niche store generator that allows you to profit from the Ebay affiliate program. For more information on Build A Niche Store, click the link now (watch the Build A [...]

Build A Niche Store Reviewed

Build A Niche Store (BANS), is a powerful website building application that can be used to generate huge commission checks from the Ebay Affiliate Program.  Using the Build A Niche Store application enables to you generate, not one but an incredible network of income production niche websites targeted to specific Ebay categories to maximize results.