Social Networking – The Next Big Thing in Marketing

Social networking has become the latest, huge trend in marketing. Marketers have realised the potential of exposure to hundreds of thousands of eyes.

Some Great Social Bookmarking Tools You Can Use

Social bookmarking has been around for as long as the Internet has existed. If you found a website or resource that you really liked and wanted others to know about it, you told your friends. The quickest way to tell them was to send them an email or post a message on a forum containing [...]

What In The World Is Social Bookmarking and Why Should You Be Doing It?

Social bookmarking has become an immense force both in online marketing in addition to mainstream culture. The wildly popular Social Networking site MySpace was offed to News Corp last year for $580 million in spite of having no real measurable income. The value placed on the site was from the tremendous traffic it yields and [...]

Review of Bookmarking Demon Social Networking Software

Bookmarking Demon is a wonderful tool for those who need website traffic and incoming links. Anyone in internet marketing of any sort knows that building links to a website is time-consuming at best. With this tool, you can set up links to your website by signing up for the top twenty Social networking sites such [...]

Social Marketing 101 – 5 Pitfalls From Automated Social Bookmarking Software

In this article I’ll provide some background on how to correctly use the various automatic tools out there for what is popularly known as “tag and ping” or bookmarking. Using these tools correctly can really help you get your website ranking. One of my favorite ways to use them is to help get pages from [...]

Forum Marketing Strategies

The foundation for any successful online business is traffic. Without traffic, your online internet business is doomed to an early retirement.  One way to reach super niche targeted markets looking for the products you have to offer is by becoming active in online community forums. There are some things to watch out for but mastering [...]