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Affiliate Project X - Does It Rise Above The Hype?

I usually don't trust it when the mailing lists I'm subscribed to send out promotions. Obviously, the mailing list owners are going to promote most products, right? It's in their pocketbook's best interest.

It doesn't help when you hear things like how each name on a list is worth about a $1 a month. And considering so much of what's out there is just rehashed information ... oftentimes the books I get aren't worth my time reading them.

So when the emails started flooding in about this new "Affiliate Project X" book, I decided to turn to my little "sphere of internet marketing influence" for comments. It just takes me too long to read through everything out there and like you, my time is valuable.

What I got back was a little suprising. Especially for the new clickbank product of the week -- at least that's what I call it. I've been passing on them for virtually the entire summer.

But the handful of people I contacted about this book told me this one was for real. They were so sincere in fact that I bought it without even so much as glancing at the sales letter.

Now my business plan isn't focused on affiliate marketing (I'm more of a product creator), but I decided to look into the ebook anyway.

After spending all day yesterday reading through it, I think I'm going to have to change my mind on affiliate marketing. I even went through it twice and have put together an "affiliate marketing plan of attack".

The concepts in the book were truly eye-opening. Now even though I like creating products and only really dabble with affiliate marketing, I can see the power of these tactics. Imagine if you already know the next product you're going to create is a winner, just by testing out how well similiar products like yours convert.

Affiliate Project X gives you that power. And I'm all for it.

I can only imagine if I got this much out of it, how much someone with more of an interest in affiliate marketing stands to gain.

To pull the curtain back a little, the author goes through 6 major methods in affiliate marketing. They include:

1. The Art of the Pre-Sell 2. The Affiliate Diary 3. The Workhorse Method 4. Thief in the Night:Stealing from the Super Affiliates 5. Copy the Best Part 2 6. The Opportunist

After reading the first method, I was truly sold on the ebook. And it only got better the more I read. This stuff is powerful ... and then some!

Just so you know, I did purchase the author's previous ebook, "Adwords Miracle" back in May. Chris really pulled off a great one with that one as well.

After digging out my adwords notes on Adwords Miracle (which I had kept guarded in my thin stack of important notes), I was able to put together a great plan of action for my affiliate marketing/adwords endeavors.

I'm calling it my secret blueprint for now (more on that another time).

At any rate, if you're interested in learning from one of the best, I'd suggest you look into Chris's "Affiliate Project X". This guy is one to watch for sure. Learn more about affiliate project x and start generating an affiliate income.

Affiliate Project X - Warning: You're about to discover the affiliate secrets that the gurus have been keeping from you. The methods the real super affiliates use to make $500 per day, finally revealed by the one guy they trusted to keep quiet. A complete affiliate formula that has nothing to do with anything else you have ever read, and that will allow you to make at least $5,000 per month by promoting products you don't even own.

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