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How to Send Targeted Traffic to
Your Website in Droves

How do you get tens of thousands of targeted visitors to your web site? How do you persuade them to do what you want them to do once they’re there? How can you increase your online sales enough to retire from your day job? How do you do all this without spending any money on advertising?

Every day our brains are bombarded with advertisements fighting for our attention, including; newspaper ads, magazine ads, yellow pages, catalogues, circulars, radio pitches, TV ads, store fronts, illegal posters, bill boards, spam email and legitimate email. And these are only some of them.

It’s estimated that the average person is subjected to over 500 advertisements a day. So how can you compete with all that?

Firstly, you need to win people’s attention. Secondly, you need to raise credibility for yourself in your niche market. Thirdly, you have to reduce people’s fear of doing business with you.

This can all be boiled down to one thing. Trust. Your potential customers need to trust you. But how do you inspire this trust if they don’t know you?

The answer is articles. Publishing articles allows you to fly under your visitors’ ad-avoiding radar by establishing trust and credibility.

If you don’t think writing articles is the simplest and best way to go, then consider these 4 points:

1. Anyone reading articles on a subject which intensely interests them begins to trust and have confidence in the author.

2. We’ve all been taught to trust “news” so articles gain the author credibility very quickly.

3. An article, or series of articles, providing useful information, helps you to stand out from your competition who only bombard potential customers with nothing but sales pitches.

4. Providing content-rich articles will not only help solidify your relationship with your existing visitors and bring repeat business, but it will also attract new customers who will also quickly warm to your style of approach.

Not only can writing articles send thousands of visitors to your website, but you can also use articles to drive them to your affiliate links which means you could start receiving commission payments for thousands more $$$ than you ever imagined.

Ruth Barringham is a freelance writer and runs successful websites at and For more information about how to write and use articles, go to

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