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Goal Setting – The Link with Finding Your Way to Success

Goal setting is crucial if you wish to find your way to success.

Without clearly defining your goals, you will wander aimlessly among the crowds of other people who live their lives without a motivated direction.

Goal setting helps you navigate through life’s seas. It acts as your compass. Set your goals, and you will never become lost.

What Is Goal Setting

Goal setting is no less than an examination of your life’s purpose. It may seem more mundane than that, but in reality, it is not.

If you do not have your goals set, and know your direction, what then are you doing every day? Just existing?

How to Set Goals

There are two separate schools of thought. The first school says to set achievable goals only, and revise them continually upward as they are achieved.

The second school says to set your goals with a lofty purpose, and work steadily towards them.

Whichever school of thought you find more appropriate, we advise the following method to clarify your mind to begin setting goals.

Get into your car, or next time you take a trip on an airplane, or train, do not take any books, or reading material.

Do not listen to any music. Instead, sit quietly for as long as you can, and just consider your life’s situation.

Ask yourself some crucial questions, like;

• Am I happy now with what I am doing, and who I am?
• What do I want to be doing in 3, 5 and 10 years from now?
• Is my work giving me personal satisfaction?
• Do I really like living alone?
• What have I don’t to increase the better the lot of my fellow man?

There are many questions as above you can ask yourself.

Consider each, and since you are talking to yourself, be brutally honest. If you come up with answers that do not please you, and you feel the need for change, start that change by setting goals.

Write Down You Goals

Write down your goals, and read and re-read the list continually. See if the goals you had set are still valid, have been reached, were incorrectly entered on the list, whatever.

Do a self-evaluation of where you are with your set goals on a regular basis. Give yourself a report card, not in grades, but in percentage (estimated naturally) of each goal to be reached.

Record and Reward Your Success

As you reach a goal, make a big deal about to yourself. Buy yourself some new clothes, some new toy, go on a vacation. It is a big deal that you reached your goal, so have a party.

If you goal was to lose weight, buy some expensive clothes in your new size. These small rewards will help you reach more complex and harder goals in the future.

With goal setting and motivation to reach them, your life will improve. It cannot help but to be so.


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