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  About this template,
This template is created with complex image tables. This template use text hyperlink with image bullet as decoration at the side of the links bar. This template feature of,
  • Professional images and layout design
  • Complex tables and cell layout
  • Text hyperlinks and images as decoration.
  • A Swish animation
  • Design for business use

Editing this templates,
This template come with a swish animation. You will require Swish to edit this. If you don't go to to download one.


To edit this templates you will require a HTML editor, I recommend uising either Microsoft Frontpage 2000 or 2002 or Macromedia Dreamweaver. Every of the templates come with image or text hyperlink. Some templates may come with empty image that you will require a image editor and some may using text hyperlink or layers text hyperlink that float in front of a empty images that allow you only to edit the text without editing the images.

HTML script editor user,
If you are using a HTML script editor to edit this template you will need to be really careful. Note that some templates using tables layout and when you insert a paragraph in the main content and you will the sidebar column collapse. When this happen you will need to insert another paragraph in the side bar and make it back to the original location.

Frontpage 2000 or 2002 user,
If you are using Frontpage to edit this template, First of all open the front page application and click on open web to open the template. Note that these templates did not use navigation bar. So you will need to edit the links by manually.

Need more assistant,
If you need more help about this template contact at Please be kind to provide a link back to Template empire if you are using this template. Visit for more professional web and newsletter templates.

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Template courtesy the Work At Home Guide