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I suggest using a 800x600 pixels screen resolutions with Microsoft Internet Explorer v4+ for this site. You've noticed the theme so I do not need to write it again! So the background idea is to fill in the page with different pictures, still and others media content; more stuff on it, more good it will be.


I do not have anything to write here since I do not know what I am talking about... You choosed that theme; I guess you do know what to put as text. Theses images may not fit with anything on this page but it looks like Egyptian things so I placed it here!
When your car is running out of gas...
This ugly animal is the main transportation for peoples in Egypt, they do not consume as many fuel as my old chevy, they smell something strange, like my chevy and they do not run as fast as we would like... (like my darn old chevy!) Why I am writing this? I do not know! I just want to insert the most text possible so you'll be able to see the page when it's a bit loaded.

Oh by the way, If you want to use my template, please give me credits! I put efforts and time on that thing, you have half the job already done; put a link back to my email somewhere on it!


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