4 tier annihilation

When Questioned about the secret system that took him from his friend's dusty basement to bonafide online millionaire in 8 months flat...

“Lazy Internet Nobody Making 6457$ a DAY Swears Under
Oath: His 4 Tier Annihilation Method is NOT illegal!”

Discover how you could use this method to line your bank account with up to $199,276  a month on complete autopilot starting now...

That’s more than 6457$ every day... so your accounts may look something like this, month after month:


March Earnings

February Earnings

Only the Last

march 08 feb 08 7 days


From The Desk of Alex Goad:

The story I am about to share with you is a strange one...

Strange because it’s about a 25 year old Englishman who invented a singular and so downright crushingly effective method of ploughing giant profits from the internet, at first I frankly thought it might be illegal.

The core of the system is called the Four Tier Annihilation Method.  We’ll get into the details later but for now, suffice it to say, its chock full of virtual aggression, underground tactics and competition destroying tricks.

It’s a no holds barred street fighter bonanza of destruction for today’s dog eat dog web.  Specifically designed to make its user rise into the spheres of higher earnings so easily it feels like cheating...

In fact this is the exact system his $10,000 a pop coaching students have used to make up to a million dollars and more working only 30 minutes a day...

"Netting over 100k a
month in pure profit

working less than 2 hours a day "

emmanuel Hey I cant beieve that you are releasing this system!

I was such a skeptic before I came onto your course and was really dissapointed by the other products that were on the market, but your course was actually unbelievable.

You actually cover making money from every possible angle, and reveal some serious hidden formulas to make big cash as well as give so many full blown systems.

I mean I am currently only using one of your money making systems and netting over 100k a month in pure profit. I never have to stock any physical goods or spend more than 2 hours a week in front of my computer.

I just want you to know that with your help I bought my first porche which I am about to sell and get a ferrari now, I got a large 6 bedroom house in the country and am currently planning to get married by summer. This stuff truely rocks and is definately unlike anything anybody has ever seen before when it comes to making money online.

Emmanuel Yankson
Dagenham, UK


But before we continue, if you’re burnt out by the usual internet marketing JUNK, you’ll be thrilled to discover what this is NOT about:

  • Google Adwords: this method doesn’t use Adwords AT ALL.  No Google slaps, no complicated keyword stuff, no budget destroying campaigns that waste your time and money.
  • Google Adsense: The only way the system uses adsense is a sneaky and covert monetizing factor for one of the methods.  There is no site building, article writing etc...
  • Complicated SEO:  There are virtually no Search Engine Optimization factors involved: no guess work, no waiting: results NOW!
  • No Traditional Affiliate Marketing: You make a killing as an affiliate but... you can completely forget about the “regular” ways.  Like writing tons of content, getting ads that cost too much and don’t produce results...

You can also forget the legwork because the creator of the method is a self-confessed lazy bum who hates working more than 10 hours a week...

  • No Site Setups: This works on a platform with templates.  That’s why it’s so quick and dirty easy.  You don’t need experience...
  • Business or Computer Savvy:  Hey it always helps, but for once, it’s not a pre-requisite... You can likely figure it all out 100% in a single sitting...
  • Capital:  The creator started his adventures penniless from his friend’s dusty basement.  You can do it too, and a $100 budget is ten times more than what he had at this point... in fact you can start with about 10 bucks...
  • Waiting: This is not like those other tactics where you do something and wait a month to see results.  Often this makes money within days, even hours of being implemented.
  • Massive or Complicated:  The method has a TON of components to make it unbreakable.  However the beauty of it is that it’s a one page method.  You can do it all with one single page!  How is that for simplicity? 

    A single 4-TAM (Four Tier Annihilation Page) usually makes between 100$ a month, all the way up to $10,000 or more.

    You can build one, or a hundred, or as many as will satisfy your greed for Big Easy Money...
  • Gimmicks: No "here today, gone tomorrow", fly by the seat of your pants before it’s too late stuff.  This has staying power.  Use it now or later, it’s not limited...

If that sounds like the usual run of the mill empty “Guru Promises”, then I hear ya, but I’ve been there and done that.

And this is all about tangible results for YOU.  Results like those select few members of the $10K Commando students experienced:

"Currently earning over
$65,000 a month
, part time"

Millie Deb

Hi Guys,

Prior to attending your seminar I was working in a nursery for minimum wage.

I saw the advert for the seminar in the newspaper and felt strangely drawn to it so I thought I'd take a huge risk as I didnt really have 10k to waste at the time and gave it a shot.

I am so glad that I did, as my life has been completely transformed since that day.

I will try to keep this as brief as I can but I never actually thought making money on could be that easy.

I was very impressed with all of your many formulas that you were detailing throughout the day and actually could clearly see that I only had to follow one of them to be able to hit the riches and live the life of my dreams.

I am not great with computers, but found it so simple to put your stuff into action and immediately started when I got home that night.

Now I choose to follow your method part time and am currently earning over $65,000 a month and it is the easiest money that I have ever made in my life.

Here is just one of my accounts so far today:

millie deb 1 day

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Millie Deb
London, UK

Dear Friend,

Have you ever felt that you’ve bought and done everything you were supposed to do to make money online but it never *materialized*?

Then you are not alone.  I personally jumped on every hype wagon passing through town, literally pissing away a small fortune on so called “secret codes”,  “Insider Secrets” and the latest flavour of the month that’s supposed to be the next best thing since sliced bread...

The same thing happened to Saj, the creator of 4-TAM.  Just the other day he was telling me about a hard disk full of expensive courses, coaching programs, network marketing shams and just about all those other things he had been suckered into and which never brought him anything but pain and disappointment.

The fact is, before he developed the 4 Tier Annihilation Method, he was a “loser”.  He lost his time and money and after trying so many different things, he almost committed the biggest mistake of them all: losing hope.

Just when his dream of kicking the job to the curb, putting an end to the daily commute, ending rush hour traffic and getting rid of clueless bosses forever was about to go down the drain, he stumbled onto a something that changed the game forever.

Remember what this is NOT about? Those are all the specific methods Saj FAILED at before making it BIG TIME with the 4 Tier Annihilation Method.

And today is that day for you.  Finally you can

“Break Free From the Reign of the Gurus
and their crap ebooks that were
outdated before they even came out...”

You’re about to discover what was previously released to only a handful of private coaching students that paid $10 ,000 each for this information. 

The exact step by step method used to generate results like these:

"$98 Grand on One Tier X Transaction!"

rupam Man that was the most mind blowing seminar I have ever been to in my life! I mean after attending your seminar, you already know that I jumped directly into the tier x system although you advised me to make some consistent money using the other systems first.

But man after learning the tier x system I was so excited that I just wanted to put it into action.

I had never ever seen anything like that online, and couldnt believe that this was actually possible.

I made a hundred grand with one listing in one week using that system and since then I have never looked back. Here is a shot...


Although every system you outline has the immense ability to generate some serious money, I have only stuck to using the tier x system and have been earning towards  2 million dollars a year now . Rock on!

Rupam Dey
Birmingham UK


And this is just an example of the many students that were transformed by the 4 TAM method.  From hopeless guru followers to 6 figure and 7 figure commandos.

They are now completely independent.  No more bosses, no more job, no more worries.  They don’t need to listen to a single guru lie again.  In fact they don’t even need Saj anymore because he gave them everything they needed...

Finally, something that works (really works) is right here in your grasp.  You will never again have to question yourself...

I mean at some point it happened to me too...  To put it bluntly I had to ask myself “am I stupid?”

With all these gurus supposedly making all that easy money, I must have been dumb if I couldn’t make at least a percentage of that right?

“Wrong, It’s
NOT Your Fault”

Now you might think this is conspiracy theory, but I’ve been there in the trenches.  I’ve had lunch with the big gurus, been to their houses and seen their dirty laundry.

It’s quite shocking but it makes perfect sense...  The internet marketing industry is much like a pyramid:


As you can see, the top 1% are making most of the money and virtually controlling the internet.  They control which products get attention...

They control what reaches your email box.  They control what you read, hear and buy and they like it that way.

That’s how they stay at the top of the food chain, high up on a cloud pimping junk to the faceless 95% which they view as little more than dog meat.

That’s how they make 6 figures a month with YOUR money.

In fact, they practically have this developed into a system of which you’ve almost certainly been a victim by now:


It has nothing to do with the actor...

Rather it stands for something very nasty.  The unwritten guru Convention:

Keep Users Stupid And Confused

Their fortunes count on it.  Think about it for just a second. If you want to make piles of money selling hyped up and rehashed goods to the masses, those masses have to stay dumb.

That’s the S in K.U.S.A.C.  Keeping us STUPID.  If they gave us the real tricks, then something inacceptable would happen:

We would make money and we wouldn’t need them anymore, so they would lose out big time.  No more “idiots” to peddle garbage to...

But Confusion is also important, hence the entire guru smoke and mirrors.  They point you in the wrong direction, you get lost and come back for more.

It takes a while before you realize the people you are buying instructions from are sending you on a wild goose chase.  After all, good people have difficulty believing the gurus could be so crude...

It reminds me of something that happened to me as a boy scout a long time ago. 

As new recruits, we were sent on a partridge hunt.

We were taught partridge calls, given a whistle and shown how to flush them out of the brush.  We were taught how to capture them and offered rewards if we did...

After doubling efforts for something like 6 hours, they finally told us there were no partridges: it was all a big joke...

“Except the gurus never tell you
it was a joke.  
They just
sell you another ebook...”

It makes me mad just talking about it.

But the gurus were right about one thing: the internet IS the key:

  • You can work from anywhere in the world

  • The income is nearly unlimited: You can reach millions of prospects at the click of a button, for FREE!

  • Hardly any investment is required.  Think under 100$ to start an empire

  • The profit margins are disgustingly huge: no store front, no employees, no real costs! Just profit in the pocket.

  • You can work any time you want.  No alarm clock, no driving to work, no bosses, no “office hours”.  And with the huge earnings, you can work FAR LESS.  As you saw Saj works about 10 hours a week and one of his students featured above works less than 2 hours a week, making over 6 figures per month...


That’s all well and good and I think you’ll agree the benefits are crystal clear.

I knew this before I made my fortune and Saj knew it while he was failing left right and center.  What’s missing was the system.

Without the system, Saj had just been forcefully kicked out of his apartment.  Down to his last 20 pound note ($40), things were getting desperate.

At least he had a place to stay: his friend’s dusty and dank basement.  That turned out to be an incredible boon, since it was then, broken by need and forced by necessity that it all came together and the Four Tier Annihilation Method was born...

That’s when:

“The Code was busted open
and the floodgates
Exploded off their Hinges”

In reality, the first month after things “clicked”, Saj “only” made $1,735. But already that was a heck of a lot better than the big fat stream of zeros he had been seeing until then.

And now he could put some hot dog sausage in his kraft dinner...

The truth is, he had just stumbled onto the Four Tier Annihilation Method, but he didn’t even know it was a system yet.

Over the next few months, those results exploded.

Month 2: $14,823

Saj exploded out of his buddy’s musty basement and into his own flat once again, even buying back the furniture his old landlord was keeping hostage...

Month 3: $19,342

It was in month 3 that Saj clocked his first $1000 day.  The first of a long stream of big paydays.  With these kinds of earnings, it didn’t take long before all debts were paid off, and he was a “new” man...

But things kept getting better as the system evolved...

Month 4: $37,899

A big jump.  Now things were really taking shape and Saj was delirious with the possibilities.  The system was becoming tight and the milestone $1k Day from the previous month was this month’s new average.

Fast forward till today and this is what he sees when he logs into his accounts:

One Day (24h)
Average month
another month
one day average month another month

It just keeps going and going, month afer month, year after year, the seasons change but the profits keep rolling in...

“A Stream of Cash Like This Spells
Total Ultimate Freedom”

Think about it.  Even if this were a one shot deal, it could change your life forever, but those are month after month...

That’s an average of over $6000 a day, come rain or sun, and 94.4% of it comes into his account while he’s NOT working.

Imagine what that would mean for you.  Suddenly, YOU are the 800lb gorilla that walks into the room.

No trip is too much for you.  Money is no longer an object... No lobster dinner seems expensive; no gift for your loved ones is out of range.

You are the rainmaker, your own island.  You have everything you want and owe nothing to anybody.

Not to mention that you finally have TIME.

Now you can spend that time with your family.  You can take those Spanish lessons or tour the beaches of Thailand.

You can focus on your hobbies and relationships... That’s what life is really about. 

When were you going to find that time?  When you retire and you’ve already given the best years of your life and energy to someone else who took it while you were giving and then tosses you aside like a dirty old sock?

Indeed, with the Four Tier Annihilation Method, you could be piling the green sheets of freedom ever higher, from anywhere in the world in under 30 minutes a day...

And it doesn’t matter if:

  • You’ve tried and failed at affiliate marketing, SEO, adwords or all those other methods listed earlier.  In fact Saj did too!
  • You have no start up capital.  Saj started his empire with the $40 he had left after being kicked out of his apartment...
  • You have no experience.  In fact that may even be a good thing since otherwise you’d have to “unlearn” the guru salad


Regardless of your work background, education or where you live in the world, none of it matters with the Four Tier Annihilation Method which you are seconds away from uncovering.

All you have to do first is mentally agree to the following things, and then we can move on comfortable in the knowledge you have what it takes to make this work for YOU.

You Agree that:

  • While the system is not a LOT of work, there are a few key things you have to do.  It will take you around a few hours per page and you only need ONE page to start.  But you agree to take action on it.
  • You are ready to snatch your destiny out of the hands or your boss and the gurus so you can work from your home, anywhere in the world at your own pace
  • It’s high time to get started.  You can’t stand the idea of another day of things staying the same.  You’re ready for higher earnings and you have no shame holding you back from making really Big money ethically and honestly
  • You have minimal computer knowledge but you understand English relatively well, you know how to use email and find what you look for on Google

And finally, the most important element:

“You are prepared to open
your mind and
suspend disbelief
for a couple of minutes”

This is beyond critical.  Dozens of students have experienced explosive results.  Some of them even better than Saj (they aren’t as lazy as he is).

Here’s is what another student had to say:

"Killer formula for guaranteed success"


You are a genius Saj.

What you have revealed should be banned as its just too powerful. I am a net junkie, I buy all the ebooks, guru products and money making systems out there because I just have this hunger to find that one thing that will hit the spot, but am left utterly dissapointed most of the time.

You my friend are the only man in the whole world I think that has a killer formula for guaranteed success.

Like I told you, I'm now averaging several thousand a day in tier X transactions:

1 week

All i can say is that i have used all of your info that you taught us and it was very easy, straight forward and mega powerful. Thanks a million dude, I think I have enough money now to stand in line for prime minister so let see. Peace.

Ahmed Bilal
London, UK

This is what we can show you.  This is what you can download into your brain in just minutes, but only if you can bear this next part.

You might not like what you’re about to hear and most gurus would hide it from you, but as you can see, I hate the hype and the guru reign so I’m going to come 100% clean with you.

As you will see by then end of this letter, there are 5 students that became INCREDIBLY successful after the Four Tier Annihilation seminar they paid $10,000 each to attend.

To be fair, there were 10 students at that closed door private event.  From those, 5 became filthy rich, but the other 5 have disappeared (they were unreachable at the time of writing).

We can only assume that some did well, but perhaps some did not.  Any way you look at it, 5 students out of 10 being on their way to millionaire status is nothing to be sneezed at, but even these were not “ordinary folks” at least not 100% ordinary...

In one way they were nothing special because they had little investment, no formal training of any kind and no prior experience.  Plus they are young.  Average in their early twenties at the time...

But they were motivated.  They knew they wanted financial freedom so bad they could taste it, and that made them take action on the methods.

So here it comes: this is NOT a get rich quick scheme.  While at least one student made a huge lump sum within days, it’s not going to happen for everybody, and it’s not magic.

Most of the students put in MORE than 2 hours to start with and that’s how they were able to quickly build 5 and 6 figure a month businesses where they now have to work only 2 hours a day or less to maintain them.

So you likely won’t be seeing 6 figures coming into your account the first month.  It takes a few months to get up to $199,276 in a month the way Saj does.

You could make one tenth that, but don’t think you will buy your Ferrari tomorrow.

If you can accept that you will actually need to apply the methods for them to pay you silly, then continue reading because you’ve found the most killer no-holds barred system on the net today.

But if you think you will just push a button and money will fly out of your CD tray, then I’ve given you the wrong impression and you should go see somewhere else.

That disclaimer out of the way, I feel entirely comfortable...

“Introducing the Four
Tier Annihilation Method”

four tier annihilation core

Every Profit Pulling, Job
Killing Secret Exposed...

  • How to carbon copy proven profit magnets.  90% copy and paste...

  • The Tier X system.  There are 4 tiers of profit in 4 TAM, and tier X could mean paying off your mortgage, car payment and gas for a whole year with just one shot

  • The RSI EAM System:

    Move On...

If you like the idea of stetting up an income stream one time and then having it pay you for months, years, or even for life, then the RSI EAM system will knock your socks clean off...

Each module stands ALONE. You can use a single one and leave all the rest untouched and still clean up.

In fact each module has several one page methods in them: aka, you set up one page and you are done.  You can use just one if you are ultra-lazy, or add them all up for mega windfalls...

Module 1:

module 1

"Foundational Methods"

  • How to use this “radar” to zone in on “shooting fish in a barrel” style profit magnets

  • The Legal Highjack System: Lethal and crushingly effective yet perfectly legal method to leverage geographical factors for a stunning advantage and giant profits

  • Error Cheats: Nobody is perfect: uncover simple errors aothers are making and transform them into huge depsoits in your account.

Plus a twist on this method that will allow you to acquire many items you want and need for far below wholesale price (a neat bonus to say the least)

Module 2:

Module 2
"Digital Takeover"

A recent trend reversal has created a huge opportunity to build massive wealth using only this one method...

  • The Resell Flip: All about duplication: more copy and paste profits.  Other do the work and you clean up... Hey business is not about making friends...
  • The PLR Flip: PLR stands for Private Label Rights.  Whether you are familiar with them or not, you can build a virtual empire with just these (and they only cost a couple bucks to aquire)

Nobody does this right.  Not after 4-TAM.  Don’t let others get the jump on this...

  • Traffic Stealing: As you may have guessed, traffic is the most important part of your business, no matter what you do...

No visitors, no money, plain and simple...

Not only will you discover how to tap into the world’s most abundant and targeted traffic source (hint: it puts Google to shame), but you’ll also see how you can “steal” it from others, effectively cutting your costs close to zero...

  • Business in a Box Websites: These things are gold mines of epic proportions.

    Multi-million dollar companies swear by these: see how you can use them right away for blistering how ROI (Return On Investment).
    Plus this can instantly place a profit net up for you in the hottest markets at any given time.  Allows you to follow the money in minutes like the top guys do.

Module 3:

module 3
"Underground Ninja Stuff "
  • Arbitrage Site Flipping: Now I’ve been flipping traffic for 5 figures a month, but this is even better... one of the most immediately profitable and easy methods...

    Just like flipping real estate for huge profits but without the investment and leg work.

    The internet being so new, this is ground floor opportunity stuff. Miss out on this and kick yourself later...

  • Domain Flipping Profits: Webnames go for insane prices but you can get the good ones for pennies on the dollar and sell them for 4 to 40 times more.  Easy with the 4-TAM method...
  • PR Domain Flips: How to acquire the most desirable domains for one hundredth of their real value.  Keep them for yourself as they gain massive value in months, or sell them back into the pool for big profits...
  • The Luxury Principle: Rich people buy expensive things... Expensive things have disgusting profit margins.

This is how to take advantage of this online for quick wealth gains...

Module 4:

module 4
"Internet Marketing Annihilation "
  • How to get better traffic than you thought possible for less than you ever imagined

  • Cutting Edge CPA profits: unite buyers with sellers and get a big cut. This is a unique spin on affiliate marketing I have never seen discussed in any guru circle or ebook...

  • List building: now you can do it easily using this total under exploited medium...

  • A slew of secret resources top guns use and never share with us regular folk.  Get them now.

The Four Tier Annihilation Method actually has a lot more in it, but that should be enough to show you how unique and powerful the systems are.

Plus as I said before, we could have included only half of these since they all stand alone.  You can use one of over a dozen “one page methods” that require little study on your part, and which you can complete from start to finish in the time it takes to watch a “Lost” rerun...

This is the foundation the 10 commando students got.  But it’s been revamped for 2008 to be cutting edge and include the very latest competition annihilating tricks.

“If you think this is a Mega Kit
packed with Value, good news,
you’ve seen nothing yet...”

Here is what you get today, instantly accessible to start raking in those big paydays now:


The Four Tier Annihilation Core Manual:

  • Nearly 150 Pages of Killer Content, step by step with quick action items neatly organized at the end of each of the four modules

  • Over 20 screen shots for visual full color examples that illustrate exactly the points you need to zero in on

  • Dozens of little known resources you would need months to find on your own and which can help you spit out the profits 10 times faster

  • Everything our students got to make those huge monthly incomes, all neatly wrapped up in a killer “no-fluff” easy to digest format...

Easily a value of $197, and actually far better than most $997 products that just rehash old news and bulk up the page count to make it look more valuable...

But we wanted to over deliver so we included:

“10 Core Training Videos so You can
Sit Back, Watch and Profit”

There is no better way to learn that with multiple media options.  My preferred way is to read the written material first and then watch the videos that make all the processes crystal clear.

I recommend you do the same...

Pack of 10 Videos

These are 10 screen-capture videos that bring the book to life.  If anything seemed unclear after your first read, this should put you on the start line ready to fire the gun.

We’re talking nearly 2 extra hours of step-by-step content with rich images and extra nuggets straight from the mouth of the Top Annihilator in the world...

“no-one has ever covered this much ground, no-one has ever laid out the truth like this - you have never heard of these techniques until now”

And in fact, that’s exactly the reason we’re doing this.  Many gurus have the nasty habit of releasing tactics that work... after they stop working.

They clean up while the getting is good, and then when it dies off, they sell it to you for another chunk of change...

Well that has to stop.  The only way is to teach these guys a lesson they won’t soon forget.  But their propaganda and lies run so deep it’s almost impossible to put a dent in them...

Except by...

“Raising the Standard tenfold
and Ridding the Internet
of this Guru Vermin”

Listen, we are on some sort of “crusade here”.  Saj and I are both earn more money on a monthly basis than most lawyers and dentists do...  We know the internet like the back of our hands.

So when we see what the guru’s are peddling as the next big thing, we practically can’t help but laugh.  Except we can’t because there are innocent victims buying this junk and believing those lies.  And there is no way to stop those guys, except by hitting them in the pocket book.

If we raise the standard of value so high even they recognize the days of scamming and jamming are over, we will have won... 

But YOU win already.  Here’s why:

“In our Quest to Stop Guru Domination, we’ve mutilated the price tag so bad, even its mother can’t recognize it”

Listen, it’s always hard to put a price on information like this.  To someone that doesn’t care about financial wealth, it could be worth nothing.

To those that want to kick the day job to the curve, go on expensive vacations, own the latest sports cars and yachts and plainly take advantage of everything the world has to offer while working 2 hours a day or less from any location, it could be priceless...

The first thing that comes to mind is, if this information makes Saj nearly $200k a month and his students similar amounts, then it should be worth some where in those numbers...

But even if we priced it at one time the income Saj makes in a month, the price would be out of range for everybody that wasn’t rich already.

And anyways, the Commando Group paid only $10,000 for this information...  Now it would well be worth that price today since it’s been added to and improved since they last saw it, but that still wouldn’t work for most people...

At $997, we felt comfortable that the product would be excessively under priced, but still then, it would stop most people from acquiring it.

Only a few people could be reached to break free from the reign of online lies and constant disappointment, because let’s face it, in a day job, $1000 in “free” cash, it not easy to come by...

And we wanted to reach as many people as possible to really put a dent in the propaganda guys...  So we cut the price in 5 again, stopping on $197.

But afer careful reflection, even that was too much to let everyone enjoy full access...

So get ready for this...

If you decide to get the Four Tier Annihilation Method', all I'll ask of you is that you make a one-time special launch investment of $77 instead of $197.

And remember, that includes the most state-of-the-art money-getting methods that most gurus don't even know about because they've all been kept hidden for so long. And besides, you'll get new and updated information that you will not find anywhere else.

And if you're still not sure, let me take away all your doubts...

** The Four Tier Annihilation 100% Guarantee **

Try the tactics described in the book.  Use all four modules for maximum profits.  Use all the tips, tricks and tactics, and watch all 10 videos for 8 full weeks.

That’s 56 days, almost 2 months…  If at any time, for any reason at all, you decide you want your money back, just send us an email and we will process a full refund, no questions asked, no hard feelings, stay friends style.


Get Ready To Unleash A Flood Of
Easy And Unlimited Profits...
Straight Into Your Bank Account!

Let's face it... This is simply more than you'll ever need to accumulate all the riches you ever desired!

You're about to learn the most mysterious and most amazing ways to make ridiculous amounts of money online, and you'll do so almost automatically and on-demand!

"And remember, You're Backed By My Personal,
Unconditional, 56 Day, 100% Money-Back Guarantee"

You have a full 56 days to enjoy all the materials. If at any time, you decide that it's not right for you, simply send me one email and I will process a full refund immediately, no questions asked, stay friends style.

So think about it... I'm taking all the risk here.

Look, over the next few weeks you could've launched and skyrocketed your business in ways that are hard to imagine at this point.

But just consider this...

The Four Tier Annihilation makes it's creator over $100,000 in profit EVERY MONTH. And several students have experienced explosive results too...

"Using your legal hijack method I managed to start earning 5 figures a week immediately with zero investment"


Yo man whats up! Hows things going? I just wanna tell you that since that day I have been truely living the dream man. I told you when we met that I had no money to get started but using your legal hijack method i managed to start earning 5 figures a week immediately with zero investment.

I haven't told anybody what I do as I try to keep it a secret but all my family and my girlfriend think that I've won the lottery or something its so funny.

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