Brad Callen’s Affiliate Elite Review

Basically Affiliate Elite is another software program created by Brad Callen. His previous creation is SEO Elite which got a lot of appreciation in internet marketing world. This software is intended for internet marketers who use affiliate marketing as their method to make money online. It works by helping you to locate the latest and the most profitable products and services to promote. Affiliate Elite exploits the market place ClickBank and PayDotCom to help you find products to promote as well spy on competition there.

There is a significant difference between a profitable product and a failed product in generating profit. All affiliate marketers know well about this. The problem is not every affiliate marketer knows how to pick a profitable product among thousand products in those market places. Until now I am often in that kind of situation. It explains why active affiliates are always looking for the latest and the most profitable products that are available in market places. This step is very important because many affiliates use SEO and some sophisticated methods to promote various products and the first ones who can locate profitable products will get most advantage out of those products.

What is happening to affiliate marketers face so far is they have been searching thousands of products and spend hours to find the right products but they finally end up with nothing. After using Affiliate Elite, I can inform you how this software helped me:

1. It helped me to filter through the catalog and find products by category, commissions, gravity, age and rank. At the end, it helped me find what exactly I was looking for in market place.

2. After I found a product to promote, I used it to use the reverse Google search feature to find out what keywords the product is using.

3. It helped me to find the product ads rank, max CPC, average CPC, estimated costs, estimated clicks, and number of ads. It also helped me see the product’s ad title, description, and destination landing page.

4. It helped me see the exact AdWords keywords that anybody is bidding on, instantly.

5. It helped me see all of the various ads that my competitors have written to advertise the specific product.

6. It helped me monitor how long successful affiliate marketers are advertising certain products.

Basically, this product works for me and I believe it will work for other affiliate marketers. However, if you think you are already expert and can do all things above that I have been helped by this software, then this product is not for you.

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