How to Make Money Using Public Domain Photos

You may know that there are thousands and thousands of public domain photos but what may come as a surprise is that there are people making truckloads of money from them through a number of ways, many of which we’ll cover here. Imagine being able to start your own internet business without spending a dime on content. It’s possible! Here’s how…

First, a brief description of what public domain content is.

A lot of people, especially those just getting started out, wrongly assume that anything and everything they find on the internet is in the public domain. This is far from the truth and can lead to trouble, expensive trouble, so don’t make that mistake. The links at the bottom of this post will take you to more information on the legalities of public domain content and provide links to access this free content but for now, we’ll stay focused on the different ways you can make money using public domain photos.

Also, it’s important to point out that just because it’s in the public domain doesn’t mean that the pictures are old. There are many sources (provided in the links below), where you can get very recent photos that you are free to use in any way you wish, including selling for a profit.

Here’s a quick list of some of the more popular methods, plus a few personal use methods that will save you money.

Sell downloadable clipart

Using either Zen-Cart or the ecommerce plugin for wordpress you can set up shop selling images allowing visitors to buy one or multiple photos for a small fee. Either cart system will manage payment processing and immediate digital delivery of the images. (I use and recommend DLGuard but the two above are free)

Sell clipart on CD’s

Categorize the photos and sell the entire set of images on disc. You could give the buyer two ways to receive the purchase. Package the photos up into a zip file and allow immediate download (using the cart system above) or use a service such as Kunaki which will produce your discs for you as they are purchased and mail directly to your customer in your name.

Create & sell banners

These public domain images can be used to create banners which you could then resell for a profit. If you are not inclined graphically, you could outsource the actual work to some from rentacoder and still sell at a profit.

Website design

Instead of buying graphics to design your webpages, you can use public domain photos and it won’t cost you one cent.

Blog posts

Whether you are running one blog or a network of made for adsense blogs, images attract more attention and will make your blog seem more interesting. Best of all, you can get all the images you need for free. (Google Adsense Money Machine)

Use in ebooks

If you create and sell ebooks you can use the free images in the public domain to enhance your ebook. Ebooks that have pictures in them are perceived by buyers to have a higher value. (How To Create Your Own Ebook Enterprise)

Create slideshows

Use your images and put together a slide show and upload to Another is and a quick google search can turn up many others. This is a great method of generating free traffic.

Create YouTube videos

Using a service like animoto, you can use your public domain photos and create an actual video which you can use to drive traffic from YouTube. Another great source of free traffic. (TubeTraffic Secrets Revealed)

Create & sell mousepads, t-shirts, posters, calendars, coffee mugs, bumper stickers, etc..

There are a number of services you can use for your printing and selling outlets, one of which is You can create and sell these for a profit or you could sell or give them away as promotional materials like ezinearticles sends coffee mugs to it’s expert authors or you could sell promotional materials to other businesses, online or local, which could buy from you to give to their customers to promote their business.

Note: We’re on the subject of public domain images but when creating t-shirts, calendars, posters, etc.. don’t overlook all of the famous quotes and poems in the public domain that are yours to use as is or edit to fit your needs.

Create branded wallpapers

This is a great way to brand your website. Many of the free public domain photos available would make great wallpapers as is. Simple add your website url to the bottom and offer them to your visitors. If you have the skills you could even add calendars to them or outsource the work and offer a monthly wallpaper to keep your visitors coming back.

Without going into detail, here are a few more ways to use public domain photos for your own personal use or to sell to others for a profit. Remember, you can always outsource the work.

Create business cards
Create logos
Edit & sell for cash
Create ebook templates
Create website templates
Create wordpress templates
Create eCovers

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    I use a simply tool to earn money.
    If you are a photographer and have an adsense account, is great. After login upload your photos,
    go to “Apply Adsense” and put your adsense ID.
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