10 Secrets to Massive Traffic

If you’ve been online for any period of time, traffic generation has probably been a stumbling point at some juncture. In this article, you’ll uncover 10 secrets to massive traffic. Most of them are low or no-cost methods.

One of the best sources of qualified traffic is search engine marketing. Included under this umbrella is search engine optimization and PPC (pay per click). When compared to traditional advertising and marketing tactics, these two are very inexpensive especially considering the types of returns you can get from both.

Social bookmarking can help you with your search engine optimization campaign along with driving qualified traffic to your website especially if you have quality content to bookmark. Generally speaking, others should bookmark your quality content first so that you don’t get the reputation of a spammer or a “honk.” Once someone else has bookmarked a piece of your content, is generally okay to go in and bookmark the content yourself because someone else promoted at first.

Social networking can be a source of a lot of qualified traffic especially if you are genuine and congruent in your dealings with your online contacts and following. The key to social networking is honesty and transparency. If you get those two things down, others will have no problem helping you promote your stuff.

Syndication is another great traffic generator. Imagine uploading one piece of content that spreads like a virus all over the Internet at the touch of a button. That’s a bit of an exaggeration, but it is possible provided you create quality content and build up a sizable following. Website and blog owners are always looking for sources of high quality information they can share with their users and following so syndication plays a big role in that. Some examples of syndicated content include: video, podcasts, blogging, and article e-zines.

Speaking of article e-zines, that is yet another source of highly relevant and targeted traffic that you can attract to your website without investing a lot of your resources because you should be an expert in your particular market or industry. Creating a 300 word article should be a breeze especially if you have your hand on the pulse of your target market.

Live events such as tele-seminars, webinars, trade shows and in person seminars can drive hordes of relevant visitors to your website especially in the post-event phase. If you share quality information during your live event, it is not taboo to promote one of your products or services at the conclusion of that event. This can obviously increase sales quickly if you have a backend product to offer.

Affiliate and JV Networks can also help you drive a lot of quality traffic to your website especially if they have a house list to promote your products and services to. Your partners can also help you with this.

Online classified ads can help drive another sector of traffic to your website with little to no investment required. CraigsList is frequently referenced as one of the better sources of relevant and quality traffic online, and it doesn’t cost anything to place an ad on their site.

Finally, don’t overlook forums and industry message boards as a source of high quality and relevant traffic for your website. Often times, forums are populated with fellow industry experts, but customers will drop in frequently to see what’s going on with the industry and have their questions answered. This is a prime opportunity for you to stretch your stuff.

There you have no less than 10 tactics to drive gobs of traffic to your website without having to invest a lot of money or resources to do it. Give one or more of them a try and see how they do. Good luck!


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