What Is an Auto Blog?

You know for a long time the term auto blog has conjured up some really awful feelings around the internet marketing world. In fact many people view an auto blog as spammy or scammy and while it may be true if it is setup with that intent it is actually possible to create auto blogs that provide exceptionally good information that people want to read.

If you think that an auto blog is just ripping other people’s content off and claiming it as your own you are completely on the wrong path. While you may be able to do this for a short time without any negative effects you will never do very well with this strategy.

Stealing other peoples content is an exceptionally bad idea and will only lead you down a path where you could get your blog shut down or worse. Think about how you might feel if your content were stolen and used for someone else to profit from. By using content that you are legally allowed you avoid any potential legal issues and create a quality experience for your readers. Your readers should want to return and read interesting and engaging content provided automatically via the correct channels.

To create a good syndicated blog you need to very clear about the niche you would your auto blog to be about including down to just a few good keywords. Any more than a few keywords and you will find yourself producing junk content that is not at all connected. As a matter of fact I generally recommend that you select just one keyword to auto blog about. Next up you will need to make sure that you are grabbing content you are allowed to grab. Now what this means is that you need to be publishing content that authors are allowing you to. Often times I see people who are just setting up an auto blog and stealing content that is copyrighted. Believe it or not there is a plethora of free content on the web that publishes have absolutely no problem allowing you to duplicate.

The good thing about setting up a proper auto blog is that you also help other publishers out by including their links and thus promoting their work along with your own. Part of the allure of an auto blog is that you can literally leave it set to go and continuously publish fresh content which is something that Google loves. While a single auto blog will not make hundreds of thousands of dollars what it can do is start to lift those chains of corporate America off of your back. An auto blog needs to be something that provides value to the readers and should not be built for search engines. If you provide value to your readers they will click your ads and buy through your affiliate links earning you varying levels on income.

I have personally had quite a few of these setup over the course of my internet marketing career and I can tell you that there is significant profit available with a little bit of work involved. You cannot go into this assuming that by pumping out poorly spun content you cannot even read yourself you will ever make a dime. So long as you understand that you must put some time and effort in to get some quality work you won’t be disappointed with the results. Just like anything in life the more effort that you put in the greater the overall success you will have.

A final word of thought about auto blogs is that occasionally you should be willing to write your own unique content into it. Consider writing one or two posts a month that are completely unique and on topic with the blog. So long as you follow my tips and get a good program to walk through everything you can begin your own network which over time can make you a solid income. Remember that this is not some sort of get rich scheme but rather a proper online business that with some solid thought behind it can do very well for you.

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