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Have you ever considered starting your own website on the internet? If you have answered positively, then what kind of site would you go for? I mean would you want a flashy website with lots of animations and cool pop ups? If you think that a good quality website can be made only by making it flashy and spending large amount of money on its presentation and animations then you may not be totally correct.

Getting a website designed may not necessarily have to be very expensive or complicated. The presence of your website on the internet is more important than the design and animation. Whatever your your niche may be, there are many online services which can help by providing strategic solutions, at affordable prices, while keeping focus on the requirements of the user as well as on the contents of the website.

The websites should preferably have a basic but good design along with simplicity and logic to provide an uncluttered and clean presentation.

High quality content, fast download speed and usability are the required key elements for creation of a good and easily accessible website. The website designs are also benefited from their minimalist approach.

Keep in mind that less is more, the simpler the website, the better it is.

The following eight points should be kept in mind while designing a website:

1) The page should download quickly.

2) Avoid flashy graphics and plug-ins.

3) Keep it sober.

4) Choose a simple address.

5) Keep your website up to date.

6) Keep short scrolling pages.

7) Brand the pages.

8) Be aware of new technologies.

According to web experts, using flashy animations on your website can be a negative element of design.

Most people dispose of the animations as rubbish and consider them as useless, so they may ignore it even though it might be good, also putting in too much animation can increase the downloading time for your page which can be a disadvantage.

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