Affiliate Marketing Tips – 4 Proven Methods to Make Fat Commissions From Cost Per Action Offers

Have you heard of cost per action offers yet? They are one of the most effective ways you can take advantage of affiliate marketing. Basically, what it entails is that instead of earning commissions from making a sale, you can make commissions just by generating a lead for the merchant. Obviously, it is very easy to make huge commissions with this arrangement, because the visitor doesn’t actually have to buy any product for you to get paid.

So here are 4 proven methods that big cat affiliate marketers use to pull in fat affiliate commissions from cost per action offers:

1. Article Marketing

This works with normal affiliate offers, but you can really ramp up your income by introducing cost per action offers to your marketing portfolio. Choose a profitable niche and you’re laughing all the way to the bank with free traffic.

2. Pay Per Click Marketing

As it is much easier to make commissions with cost per action offers, you can invest in pay per click marketing to test the wasters with different CPA offers. Split-test your offers with normal affiliate programs and see how they fare.

3. Banner Advertising

Banner advertising is one way to really scale up your traffic and pull in large paychecks. Go to Adbrite and Double Click and buy some banner ads. Start small, then scale it big to automate your entire affiliate business.

4. Blogging

Create a blog and market it using various strategies such as search engine optimization and social bookmarking. A blog is a great pre-selling tool for affiliate products; adding in CPA offers to the mix might just send your profits through the roof.


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