Make Money Fast Online With Almost Zero Cost

As you have came across the ‘make money on the Internet’ industry, you’ve probably seen numerous success stories where there are many people becoming rich online. I want to tell you that many of these make money fast stories are bogus. There are only a small percentage of these stories that are true.

You will find many websites telling you that you need to spend tons of money on AdWords or that you need to buy their magical software that will make you money overnight. These are nothing but lies. In this article I will show you how to start a profitable online business for almost virtually nothing. You can very easily get started today with very little running costs.

Step #1 – Create yourself a website

The first step in order to make money fast online is to create your own website. These days it is very cheap to start up your own website. You simply need a domain name and web hosting service. You can get .info domains for as low as $.99 per year and .com domains for less than $10 per year. I recommend that you purchase your domains from GoDaddy. It also could web hosting for less than $10 a month as well. So the total cost for running your website, will be less than $20. Search Google for free web design templates that you can easily put on your new site.

Step #2 – Build a list

The second step involves building yourself an e-mail lists using a reliable auto-responder. I highly recommend that you use Aweber as your auto responder so that you be sure that your e-mails reach your subscribers. If you’re wondering why you should build an e-mail list, it’s so that you will be able to have a list of contacts that you can build a relationship with as well as promote affiliate products or services so that you may earn a commission. This is a very effective way to make money fast online.

Step #3 – Generate tons of free traffic

Lastly, use free traffic generation methods to send targeted visitors to your new created website. Free methods of generating traffic include: classified ads, blocking, social networking and forum posting just to name a few. These four traffic methods will keep you busy enough while it will also be driving tons of visitors to your website. You will start to make money fast for a $40 or less a month.

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