Receiving Blog Spam? Make A Spam Sandwich!

You’ve heard the saying “when life gives you lemons, make lemonade”? Well the same thing can be said about blog spam. It can be annoying dealing with comment spam but askimet really helps along with some additional comment settings like “admin must always approve comments”. But how about we take a look at your blog comment spam and see if we can’t make a nice tasty spam sandwich.

Ok, I just received a nice spam comment

Hi. I like your website but i can tell it probably isn’t getting much traffic? If you want to help imrpove that check this website out, he has a short video that i really suggest you watch. <a href=”urlremoved” rel=”nofollow”>Commission Crusher</a> P.S this isn’t my website and i’m not spamming your blog, i don’t care if you delete this comment. I am only trying to help you improve your site.

So… they are just trying to be friendly according to them and help me with one of my sites. How noble of them! BUT… I’m guessing at this point that it is just a spam comment regardless of their claim that it isn’t so I’ll do a search on Google for “Hi. I like your website but i can tell it probably isn’t getting much traffic?” . (in quotations).

Yowza! 889,000 results. I clicked on several of the links and yep, it’s the exact same post verbatim! This is a very helpful individual here!

So, we found the spam now where’s the spam sandwich you ask.

Ok, obviously you’ve just found a lot of sites that will allow you to post a comment of your own on their blog with a nice link back to your site. I’m certainly not suggesting that you go and do the same thing this friendly person did but you could go through and find any blogs that has content related to your blogs or areas of expertise and offer real comments regarding their post or website and get some relative backlinks.

Now, just pour yourself a cool glass of lemonade to go with your delicious spam sandwich and you’ll be all set.

Take care


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