How to Profit As an Affiliate Marketer With a Zero Cost Traffic Method

Being an affiliate marketer is a great way to start out online, it gives you the ability to start a business without all the components to start a traditional business. The product component in particular. Your main concern will be your marketing.

Your marketing has to be top notch to be successful as an affiliate, this is mainly because you do not get to keep all the profits since you do not own the product. I would say the average affiliate commission online is about $30.00 per sale or per action taken.

This means that in order for affiliate marketing to be worthwhile to you, you need to turn a profit and you only have $30.00 to work with. Lets say your marketing budget is $10.00 of that $30.00. So for every $10.00 you spend on marketing you want a $20.00 return on investment.

The most popular method of marketing online is pay-per-click. Now this is possible with pay-per-click but you would need to be an experienced pay-per-click marketer to pull it off. Pay-per-click is a costly learning tool so I would not suggest that route but have a better one for you.

It is called Content Marketing. With Content Marketing you are able to reach your target prospect while they are looking for you, it brings the most interested prospects your way and did I mention that it’s free! So instead of spending any money on a marketing budget you will be able to keep all your revenue.

It is a method of marketing online known to the most savvy affiliate marketers online.

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