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WARNING: Do not read this if you have moral, ethical or religious reasons against being super successful and making more money than all your friends.

Super Affiliates Inner Circle Membership, the latest affiliate marketing training membership site, is Ewen Chia’s latest creation.

Ewen Chia has been labeled as the number one affiliate marketer in the world. Testimonials from internet marketing experts such as John Reese, Stephen Pierce, Allen Says, Jason Potash, Yanik Silver, Mark Joyner (and more) have nothing but stellar things to say about Ewen Chia.

So, why is affiliate marketing one of the most profitable internet business models on the internet today? And why did some of the most successful Internet Marketers out there get their start with affiliate marketing?

Well, here are 5 of the most popular reasons for this (but I’m sure there are more):

Reason #1: It’s easy to get started IMMEDIATELY. Almost unbelievably easy and super profitable.

Reason #2: You don’t have to be a super-techie geek.

Reason #3: You don’t need your own winning product to sell. You’ll be promoting other people’s products…and they’ll pay you massive cash to do so.

Reason #4: You don’t need to spend big bucks to set up your business. All you need is some hosting for your site, and a desire to succeed to rake in a huge fortune.

Reason #5: You don’t need the things that make a “business” a pain in the neck. You don’t even need employees, inventory or even an office – just use your kitchen table.

It’s really the best of both worlds because it’s like starting and running a super profitable business but with none of the risk.

Of the tens of thousands (if not more) of affiliate marketers making commissions from home, only a small handful are what you could truly call a “super affiliate”.

Super Affiliates are a rare breed. The reason I say this is because not all affiliates can make millions and millions of dollars online every year selling other peoples products and services.

And if you’re going to get yourself into that top tier of super affiliates, you’d be wise to follow these principles:

Principle #1: Focus And “The Power of One”

Focus by using the power of one. One business, one website, one program, etc. By taking action and focusing on one project at a time, you are able to concentrate your efforts and fully leverage what you’ve created.

Principle #2: The Magic Of Simplicity

Making your customers life easier. How? Simply by creating professional looking designed websites that are functional and easy to use, sending emails that are straight and to the point, and using video and audio, etc. By keeping things clean and simple, you improve conversion rates and create more response.

Principle #3: Active Brand Building

Ewen firmly believes that building a brand will help in becoming a Super Affiliate. You can build your brand by using your name, graphics, recognizable personality, tag lines (slogans), and logos etc. He also states to focus on building this from the very beginning if possible.

Principle #4: Lead Generation And List Building

Consistently pursuing an opt-in list is gold, especially for Super Affiliates. The reason being is because you’re able to not only sell more frequently to the same subscriber, but also allowing yourself to pre-sell the product. Thus, increasing conversions, and making more commissions.

Principle #5: Follow Ups And List Relationships

Building a relationship with your list is KEY. Not just any type of relationship. But a personal one. By giving them the right content at the right time, you are able to establish this trust from them. Ewen also gives a nice 7 day example on how to follow up with new subscribers. I think this is super helpful!

Principle #6: Conversion

Conversions are what make this all possible. The higher your conversions, the more money you make, period! That’s why this is so important to know your numbers and how to increase the response. Test and track everything you do. Everything from graphics, to emails, to offers, to headlines.


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