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Traffic Generation Resources

Traffic Siphon – A totally brand new affiliate and traffic system (and software to go along with it) exposing every tiny loophole Mark Barnard has been exploiting to bank 7 figures in profit over the past 13 months.

Miracle Traffic Bot Submitter – discover how a simple website with zero content, zero traffic, zero sales …almost at it’s death, came to life and went on to get page rank 3 and top search engine rankings in less than 3 months to pull over 101,488 visitors in the last 30 days.

Download my FREE Step by Step RoboForm Marketing Guide – Webmaster community where one can
learn to make money running a website. Many great Tips and tricks – A webmaster haven. Many
great internet gurus are here. – Another Webmaster forum which
talks a lot about Adsense. Big name players are here including Google employees
themselves. – Really good
section about Google. Discusses all types of SEO related topics – Pretty Much discusses everything related to
running and hosting a Website – Focused on Site design, with a nice
marketplace and SEO folder. – Everything you need to know about
Html, programming, graphics, e-commerce and more. – Probably the most comprehensive
Programming and development forum online. Folders for all programming
languages. – Focused almost completely on SEO. Some
really smart people with a lot of great insight post here. – Focused almost completely on
website promotion and development. – Generally about
programming and scripting websites with sections on domain names, and other
money related topics. – Focused on forum administrators,
and how to make money with an internet forum. – Focused completely on website coding
and designing – Everything from
Website development to monetization discussed here. – Website creation and marketing discussed
here. – Very Large webmaster marketplace,
and huge Freelancer community. – Focused on the Blogging community
and how to monetize a blog. – Geared towards hosting resellers
but has some relevant sections on making money selling hosting and running a
website. Very active. – Canadian version of Webhostingtalk.
Focus’s mainly on website scripting. – Focused almost completely on
website hosting and selling hosting for a profit. – Really good forum for coding,
html, and graphics. – Pretty much dedicated to anything
webmaster related, but focused on the coding and design aspects. – General Webmaster talk and
marketplace’ – Geared mostly towards Java script
programming, with a nice section about making money online. – Spans all webmaster topics, with a
really good Internet marketing section – Not as active as some of
the others, but has a nice marketplace section for buying and selling web
services and sites. – Pretty much a quieter form of
Sitepoint. Moderators seem active but not as many active members. – Rather quiet, but there are some SEO
experts posting here. – A Webmaster learning
community. Many different programming language topics, as well as a site
critique section. – Moderately crowded. Based in
the Uk, and has a great business section. – Some really good folders
about Google optimization and Google Adsense. – Everything related to
creating a website. – Large selection of webmaster related
topics. – Almost completely about SEO. They have
a really good Help and Advice section. – Just made the cutoff in terms of
traffic, but the good Google related section gave it a bump. – Pretty much covers every Money making opportunity there is online from Hyips, to Forex, to Running a website to blogging. – Really good section for making money
online, as well as other related topics. – Discusses different ways to make
money online. A variety of topics. -
Not as busy as it once was., but a lot of good topics and moderators. – Focused on a variety of topics including
domain names and site design. – Nice section on internet
advertising, as well as design and Free web hosting. – Barely made the list because of
low traffic, but there is a lot of great information about several money making
topics here.

TheFreeAdForum – Place for webmasters to
advertise their sites and opportunities to make money. – Great place for webmasters
to post ads to their site for free. – A variety of topics including a
“Making Money on the Web” section – Covers a
large assortment of webmaster money making topics. – Focused on Iraqi Dinar investing via the
internet, with sections for hyips and autosurfs as well. – Focused on a variety of topics. Anything
related to making money online is discussed here. – Focused on risky online programs
like HYIPs and Autosurfs, but discusses a variety of other money related
topics. – Another forum dedicated more
towards High yields investing and risky programs. Also has various other money
making topics. – Focus’s on Hyips and Get to to
surf programs, and has a unique points system. – Focus’s on Hyips, but also discusses a
variety of other money making topics. – Focus’s on E-currencies, Hyips,
and webmaster related issues. – The Grand Daddy of all Domain name
related forums. They do have various paid membership upgrades. Learn to Invest
in Domain names. – The second most popular Domain name
oriented forum. Greta place for appraisals. No paid memberships like
DNForum. – Not as busy, but they have a great
News section to see what past domains sold for. – Focused on Domain name Appraisals
and buying and selling of of Domains for profit. – A quieter version of – A UK based domain name appraisal,
and marketplace discussion. – Various webmaster topics discussed here
with a bulk being domain name oriented. – Domain name discussion with folders
based in 11 different languages.

DnsScoop/com – Large Domain name marketplace section
as well as other webmaster related topics.

ABestWeb – Dedicated to everything related to
Affiliate marketing. Largest Affiliate forum online – One of My Favorite
forums related to Internet Marketing in General. – Really good forum
for affiliate marketing and earning online. – All about internet marketing and
generating traffic to your website. – Discusses ways to earn through
affiliates and other means of website ad publishing. – Very Organized affiliate
related discussions. – General Affiliate
marketing discussion. – Really great
community for people who sell ebooks via clickbank.

Im4Newbies – A WarriorForum for people
just getting started in internet marketing. Good information found here. – Forum for work at home moms. Targeted for
online working. Very good information and advice – Discusses a variety of money making
topics, but focused on people looking to make money at home with their
computer. – Focused on
people looking to earn from home primarily via the web. – For work at home moms looking
to earn money online. Not too many topics, but it is targeted. – UK based business forum. Has
a nice section on E-commerce. – Rather new forum, but it does have
some good traffic and a lot of great information for people looking to start a
business online and off. – A general business related
discussion forum with a large section for internet business’s – Dedicated to
the discussion of risky High yield investments as well as other online ways to
earn. – This is another forum for High
yield investments mainly. – The largest forum dedicated to all
programs such as Paid to read, paid to click, paid to promote programs. – Sort of quiet, but it’s the second
largest forum dedicated to “Get paid to” programs – Focused
mainly on Internet investments, MLMs and risky internet programs. – A High Yield investment forum.
Discusses very risky Investment programs run online. – Focused on Hyips. Also has a Cash
giveaway folder like – Focused mainly on Hyips but also
discusses other topics.

MoneyFanClub – Rather New forum focusing on Hyips,
cyclers and money doubles. – This is a forum
that discusses ways to save money. Have a really good deals and Freebie section.
Based in the UK, and extremely popular. – The Largest online Deals and Freebie
forum there is. – One of the
largest online deal finding, and free stuff forums. – Extremely organized
online deal and freebie forum – Hot deals, Free stuff,
and finance discussion – Dedicated to online
free stuff and website deals. – All about saving money and finding
free stuff online. – Great for finding the best
online deals and free giveaways. – UK based free stuff and
bargain discussion. -
Freebies, Deals, and giveaways. – Focused on Stay home Moms and Dads
who want to save money, find bargains and get freebies.

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