Super Affiliates by Ewen Chia – Worth the Price? Worth the Time? Or is it Just Another Scam?


There are three main reasons why Super Affiliates by Ewen Chia is not the place to start when looking for an online money making program:


Super Affiliates website is way too complex and long for anyone trying to get into the affiliate business. If the sales page is this complicated, you can just imagine what the program will be like. The program you choose should be SIMPLE and easy to understand. I’m not saying that there are affiliate programs that are easy to make money from, but there are ones with excellent helpful instructions and other programs like Super Affiliates that are too complicated to keep up with.


One thing that a program should not have to do is explain why you are getting a great deal by buying their product, especially if it is completely over exaggerated. Super Affiliates says that you are getting $3429 worth of information and product for the price of $47. Obviously, you are not actually saving $3000. On top of that, the $47 is not a one time fee: it’s a monthly continuous fee. Most of the affiliate programs I have heard of do not have a monthly fee, so this should obviously be a big turn off from this program. Another problem is that Super Affiliates says that they give you all of these “free” gifts that you can then sell for 100% profit. However, many programs like this do not actually show you how to resell these gifts and it may take months of hard work to actually make any money from them. By then, better affiliate programs would already be making you a decent amount of money.


Most of us still have day jobs. By looking at affiliate programs online, you must either want to quit your day job and do this full time, or are looking for another income source. Either way, you are not going to quit your day job until you have complete confidence that you are making money with the online program. Therefore, most people do not have a lot of time to spend on an online program when they already have seven or eight hour work days. You may have time to spend on the weekends, but programs like Super Affiliates expect you to commit for eight whole weeks before you may start to earn a decent income. The problem is most people cannot commit hours every day to complete the eight week program. In addition, if you bought the program and cannot commit every day for eight weeks, you will lose a lot of money because after the eight weeks are up, there is no refund. When searching for an online affiliate program, you need to find one that has a step by step, day by day guide that does not require you to spend an unfeasible amount of time at the computer. Super Affiliates program gives you way too much to do in a short period of time and even for someone good with computers, it could take several hours to complete one task.


The program you choose should have a detailed and simple action plan that can be followed everyday and enables you to continue your day job while learning the ropes of online money making and marketing. The program should be universal, meaning whether you are a computer expert or a beginner, you should have no problem in getting through the step by step guide. Super Affiliates by Ewen Chia has a good concept, but the confusing website, complex program, pricing, and unreliable results make it an online money making program you should stay away from.


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