Working From Home // How to Stay Motivated, Focused, and Productive

Hope you all are staying safe, washing your hands, and staying at home during this time!

00:00 Intro

03:09 Introducing structure into your workday

03:46 Stick to your usual workday routines

05:11 Get dressed for work

06:10 Find a spot to work from

07:20 It’s okay if your WFH day differs from an office day

08:49 Take breaks

10:03 (Over)communicate with your teammates

12:32 Work your usual hours

14:44 Change up your working location

15:15 Move yo’ body

16:16 Use a Pomodoro timer

17:07 Outtro

Today I present to you my 10 tips for working from home. I usually work from home at least once a week (before this whole pandemic thing started), just to keep a better work life balance so that I don’t have to do all my adult/life/house things on the weekends. It feels a little bit like I’ve been preparing myself for this whole time actually 😅I took a lot of inspiration from Ingrid Nilsen’s video on her tips for working from home (…), which I learned a lot from when I was first starting to have regular work from home days. If you have any tips of your own, let me know in the comments down below! I feel very lucky to have a job where I can work from home and not be too impacted job-wise by the pandemic. I know others haven’t been so lucky, so I hope that you all are practicing compassion and being there for each other during this time. This too shall pass (so long as we each do what we can to make this thing pass fast) 💖 #WFH #Productivity #StayAtHome ——————————————————– Check out my podcast, if/else! //… Follow me on Instagram // Read my musings on Twitter // Come hang while I play games // Want to support me in creating a better, more empathetic tech industry? Become a Patron // If you’d like to work together on something, drop me an email! (Business inquiries only) [email protected] KEYBOARD: MOUSE: CAMERA: SECONDARY CAMERA: MICROPHONE: TRIPOD: Mayuko Inoue is a second generation Japanese American from San Diego, CA living in the San Francisco Bay Area. She works as a Senior iOS Software Engineer at a large tech company in Silicon Valley, and has worked in the tech industry since 2012, at companies like Intuit and Patreon. She makes Youtube videos and online content about what it’s like to live as a Software Engineer living in Silicon Valley to help people find their way through the tech industry. She touches on topics such as programming and recent technologies, emotional vulnerability, diversity and inclusion, communication skills, and imposter syndrome.

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