Free Copy of Get Rich Click by Marc Ostrofsky

So, I’m sitting here minding my own business and hear a knock on my door. It’s FedEx with a package for me from Amazon. I didn’t order any book but it is my birthday today so I though maybe my wife was up to something sneaky.

I open it up and it’s a copy of Get Rich Click!: The Ultimate Guide to Making Money on the Internet by Marc Ostrofsky.

Turns out it was a FREE GIFT from Clickbank for my success with them according to the enclosed invoice. THANKS CLICKBANKS! Happy Birthday to me! :)

I’ve seen this book being advertised everywhere and it looked pretty good but boy was I surprised how much information is in this book. It is a very solid starting point for anyone wanting to jump online and make some money covering virtually all aspects of internet marketing, the different business models and more.

This book contains over 230 pages and 17 jam packed chapters.

  • Chapter 1: The Get Rich Click Mindset
  • Chapter 2: E-commerce and Reverse E-commerce: Sell It, Then Buy It!
  • Chapter 3: SEARCHing for Gold
  • Chapter 4: Advertising & Pay-Per-Action
  • Chapter 5: 100+ Ways to Optimize Your Website for Search and Improve Traffic
  • Chapter 6: Actionable Info from
  • Chapter 7: Partner Up with Affiliate Marketing
  • Chapter 8: Domain Names
  • Chapter 9: Content Is King
  • Chapter 10: Social Networks: The Power of Community
  • Chapter 11: Collecting Your Payments – Fast and Easy
  • Chapter 12: The Internet to Go: Mobile Operations
  • Chapter 13: Internet Video: Nothing but Growth
  • Chapter 14: Get Rich Click for Nonprofit Organizations
  • Chapter 15: Make Money… by Saving Money
  • Chapter 16: The Future
  • Chapter 17: Resource and Suppliers Guide

Here’s an excerpt from the books Introduction:

The internet has created more opportunities for “the rest of us” to get wealthy than did the telephone, the telegraph, radio or television. As an interactive tool, the internet is redefining the way people around the world work, play, socialize and communicate.

In these pages, you will learn about…

  • New money making ideas and opportunities others are doing on the internet.
  • Advertising, commissions.
  • Getting paid for simply providing leads to others.
  • Making money with information and knowledge.
  • Creating a website that’s made up entirely of others’ content and ads
  • Unique ways of making money with eBay.
  • Making money with affilaite programs.
  • Website marketing.
  • Creating simple e-commerce, retail sites that make money the same day they are created.
  • Making money on the Internet with no website.
  • Selling a product on the Internet, getting paid for it and then buying it to fulfill the order.

And much more. This book will help you turn the gray matter in your brain to virtual gold.

Again, thank you Clickbank and if you want to learn how to make money online and looking for a great starter book. Don’t hesitate and BUY THIS BOOK NOW! It’s only $10.97 and well worth the money.


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