Start Your Own Car Window Tinting Business and Cash In This Summer

Summers coming and maybe you’re a student looking to make some extra spending money this summer or maybe you’re the entrepreneurial type looking to make bank in this multi-million dollar, recession proof industry.

Let’s face it, young peoples priorities seem to be.

  • Sound System
  • Rims
  • Tinted Windows

And not necessarily in that order. (No offense to young people, those were my priorities as well when I was a kid)

But it’s not just the kids that want their windows tinted. We all do. As a matter of fact, I can do without the sound system and rims now (I’m 44) but the tinted windows are still a must.

What are the benefits of tinting your car windows?

  • Tinted windows can keep your cars interior 60% cooler
  • Tinted windows blocks up to 99% of harmful UV rays
  • In an accident, window tint can help hold the shattered glass in place providing an extra layer of protection against injury
  • Tinted windows reduce hazardous glare from bright headlights, snow and the sun
  • Tinted windows provide privacy
  • Window tinting protects your cars interior preventing fading and cracking helping to maintain your cars resell value

So you see, no matter what, there will always be a demand for window tinting and now is a perfect time to get into the window tinting business. Summer is right around the corner, temperatures will soon be going up if they haven’t already where you live.

How much money can you make tinting car windows?

The amount of money available to be made is dependant upon several factors such as your geographic climate and how hard you are willing to work and market your business but there are window tinters making over $100,000/yr.

Even if you just did a couple of cars on the weekends, you would still make some pretty nice pocket money for a few hours of work.

I remember when I lived in Orlando, FL. This was about 15 years ago, I bought an old Monte Carlo. The first thing I did was drive it out to the Flea Market between Kissimmee and St. Cloud where I knew a window tinter had set up shop. He had a waiting list like you wouldn’t believe. At $100+ a pop, I’m sure he was making thousands. I’m sure they are charging more now.

Even if you don’t set up at some flea market or something, there are plenty of ways to take your window tinting business on the road.

Marketing Your Mobile Window Tinting Business

  • Pass out business cards to everybody you see
  • Offer cash incentives for referrals
  • Create a website
  • Post ads on
  • Run an ad in your local paper
  • Run free ads on
  • Ask for permission to set up in front of businesses. This can help to draw attention to their business as well.
  • Stick magnetic signs on your car doors.
  • Post ads on college bulletin boards if allowed
  • Run ads in your local colleges newspapers
  • Order window and bumper stickers and offer a small discount if allowed to place one on their car. (You can get these for less than a $1 each and as low as .30 to .50 each if ordered in quantity at places like
  • Order t-shirts with business name, logo and website url and give to paying customers. Alternatively you can let them choose a ball cap instead.
  • Let the world know about your new business at

These are just some of the marketing methods you could use to promote your new window tinting business. Of course, you will need a brandable business name and cool looking logo if you’re going to go with the printed marketing swag like the window stickers and t-shirts.

If this sounds like something you would be interested in watch these Window Tinting  Video Clips or visit the following link for everything you need to Start Your Own Window Tinting Business

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