3 eBay Marketing “Secrets” For How to Sell on eBay Successfully

It’s true-there are eBay marketing secrets that separate those who succeed and fail. If there weren’t then why do over 90% of people fail to sell successfully… while the few at the top get incredibly rich?

Here are 3 “secrets” to making money virtually NOBODY is doing.

SECRET #1) You need a good product

Well duh. Everybody knows that… right? Not true. Most people fail precisely because they sell the wrong items.

How do you find the best products?

Most people will tell you to go the “pulse”… jot down the top 10 selling things because they have the “most demand”… and then go sell them.

This is DEAD wrong

Everybody and their brother is doing the same exact thing. Because of this there is SUPER INTENSE competition in the “most sold” items niches… and the only way to sell them on eBay successfully is to be a great marketer.

Until you get to that point I would recommend you stay FAR AWAY from these seller “hotspots”. This is one of the most important eBay marketing secrets you will ever hear so don’t forget it.

SECRET #2) VOLUME is key

Most beginners spend all their time looking for that “perfect” product they will ride to early retirement. But no single product will make you a lot of money… the key is finding many “small profit” products.

Sure you will occasionally find one that makes you tons of money but most simply chug along at $5 a day or so.

That’s all you need

$5 a day from one niche might not seem worth it. But when you have 50-100 of these niches up and running… I think you see the power of this.

SECRET #3) The money is in the “backend”

Let’s face it-constantly finding new customers is a pain. It’s MUCH EASIER to simply keep selling to those who’ve already bought from you… at least if their first experience was a good one.

For some strange reason the backend is virtually ignored territory on eBay.

Use this to your advantage

Implementing these 3 eBay marketing “secrets” is how to sell successfully faster than you ever thought possible.

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the same behind-close-door secrets that have generated him over $8.7 million over the course of his eBay career.


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