Future Internet Marketers – Don’t Quit Your Dayjob!

You’ve heard that billions of dollars are being spent online each year and that some individuals are making millions online and now you’re determined to get a piece of the pie. Good for you but before you make the big plunge and quit your dayjob, there’s a few things you should know.

First of all, yes… billions of dollars exchange hands every year over the internet and yes, some individuals are making millions.

What was once seen as a fad has now become a way of life. The days of having to brave the weather, crazy drivers, busy parking lots, hours of walking aisles, long checkout lines and grumpy employees are quickly giving way to the convenience of shopping right on your computer from the comfort of your own home.

Yes, there are huge opportunities for enterprising people to make a considerable amount of money online but the truth is that more will fail than succeed.

Why is that? Some of the most common reasons why people fail are…

  • They don’t know what to sell.
  • They attempt to sell items with little demand
  • They don’t know how to build a website
  • They don’t know how to drive visitors to their websites
  • They don’t know how to convert visitors to buyers
  • They don’t understand sales funnels
  • They don’t know how to build email marketing lists

Other reasons include things like…

Not being able to motivate themselves. Some people get so used to having someone else telling them what, how and when that they discover they make better employees than being their own boss.

Some people become overwhelmed by the amount of information on the internet and confused about the many different ways to make money online and end up doing nothing. They get too involved with “learning” and never get around to taking the first step.

Others don’t treat it like a business, which it is. One of the first rules of business is that you have to spend money to make money. You have to understand that these expenses are the cost of doing business. While you can do a lot for free, the real leaps and bounds in profits will be seen when you start investing in your business and stop looking at “how much did I spend” and instead ask yourself “what was my ROI (return on investment)” or how much money did I profit from spending that $100 on advertising.

So before you quit your dayjob, you should ask yourself these questions…

  • Are you fully committed to starting and building a profitable online business?
  • Are you going to be able and motivate yourself to get things done when there’s no one standing over your shoulder telling you to get to work.
  • Do you understand that starting and operating a business, even an online one costs money and should be considered an investment rather than an expense?

If you answered yes to these three questions then you may be ready to start laying the foundation for your new internet empire. Even so, I wouldn’t recommend quitting your job until you’ve built your new business to the point where it is substainable and you feel financially and emotionally secure in doing so.

One of the first and most important investments you will make is in yourself! If you’ve already been studying internet marketing and internet business models in particular… STOP RIGHT NOW!

Rather than become overloaded with information and strategies, start with the internet marketing course that has been responsible for more successful internet startups than all the others combined.

Internet Marketing Specialist Certification Program is a self-paced virtual training program that offers students the knowledge, tools, and support they need to start successful online businesses… plus qualify as “Certified Internet Marketing Specialists,” and earn consulting fees helping others with their sites.

Based on the simple, step-by-step methodology we developed in the process of earning over $100 million in online sales, the Certification Program is the ideal choice for anyone who is either new to online business, or has been struggling to start making money, with no results.

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