Auto Blogging – How To Guide

If you want to be an affiliate marketer but you do not know how or you do not want to create contents for your website or blog, the solution for your problem is the auto blogging income generator. This auto blogging income generator can automatically create posts for your blog. You do not need to research and create interesting posts for your visitors. You can call this blogging in an auto pilot mode. This can simply be the fastest and easiest way to generate income as an affiliate marketer.

If you are new to auto blogging, here are some auto blogging techniques for searching the right niche which can further improve the quality of your automatic blog posts.

1. The number one thing you need to know before you start is the niche. A niche is a specific field of interest. For an example let us take blog. When you enter these keyword ‘blog’ in search engines, everything about blogs is going to be displayed from “how to” to layouts to blog hosts. This is a general niche. However, what you need for auto blogging is a niche of a niche. Taking our example further, try to key in ‘how to make a blog’ in a search engine. The results that you can see are actually a niche of a niche. This niche of a niche is what you call the micro niche. This is what you especially need for auto blogging.

2. After identifying your niche and micro niche, try to put yourself in a buyer position. By doing this, you can generate the right keyword or phrase which your targeted traffic is going to key in on their search engines. List all of these buyer keywords or phrases and test them by entering them in a search engine. If you can see your desired results, then you are now ready for auto blogging.

3. What is left to do now is to find out how strong the competition is in your selected niche. Take notice of the websites in the first page of your search results as it is the key to determining the back links of each and every website.

Generate Automatic Income

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