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Can Your Affiliates Count on You?

By Robert Williams

Having an affiliate program for your product gives you the freedom to work on other things and have people work on marketing and sales for you, but it does not mean that you have to do nothing. A good product owner knows how to provide their affiliates with the things that they need to be successful, and those who do not may not have the type of results that they wish they had.

Sitting around by the phone and the computer all day is not the type of support that your affiliates need. Make sure that you talk to them about problems they are experiencing or concerns that they have, and help them to deal with their problems as they come. Some things are better for one on one type of concerns, while others are things you can address to the whole group before problems arise.

Have an FAQ Page

One of the best ways to address the various concerns of your affiliates is to set up a page on your site designated for frequently asked questions. Start out by addressing basic questions or questions that you think you would have if you were starting an affiliate program as a member. The more affiliates you have that ask questions of you, the more questions you have to add to your FAQ page, so that people can have their issues addressed promptly.

Divide your page up into sections, so that it is more easily navigable. Certain topics should have a certain section of their own, including promotional methods, payment information, tools available, and other things. As you add more questions, add them to the appropriate section so that answers are easily found.

Weblogs and Podcasts

There are many ways of providing information, but blogs and podcasts are great ways of getting information in a way that everyone can obtain and understand. They are very different from one another, because while blogs have information added in writing podcasts are for those people out there who would much rather listen to their information rather than read it. Either or both are fine ways to provide information to your affiliates.

When putting together such a thing, make sure to answer questions that a lot of your affiliates will ask. Talk about relevant news, or even promotional techniques that your affiliates might need more information on.

Question and Answer Sessions

Question and answer sessions are great ways to address a lot of questions in a short time. This type of thing is great because affiliates get to answer their own questions, and have the opportunity to be around one another and learn more about one another.

You can do this in a web-based chat room, via the use of a conference call or even a web based seminar with IM questions or email questions that are being presented to the product owner.

All of these methods are excellent ways of providing the answers to questions that your affiliates may have. It is important to be there for your affiliates on an individual basis, especially if you want them to succeed. Give them contact information, and let them know how valuable they are to your program so that you can keep them as close and productive as possible.

About The Author

Robert Paul Williams is the Editor of Work At Home Business Website. Are You Promoting a Product or Service Online? Come Visit WAHBWS to Get Some Free and Low Cost Website Advertising Ideas.

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