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Ewen Chia – The World’s #1 Super Affiliate

At the World Internet Summit Ewen Chia explained exactly what you DO need to succeed in this business and just how simple it can be. As I have previously mentioned Ewen had to hold down a full-time job in order to feed his family and actually had to work on this business from 11pm until 3pm every night. The reason I am telling you this is to illustrate how it is most definitely possible for ANYONE to succeed in this business. Anyway, these are the things that Ewen feels are essential…

- You need time = 30 minutes a day (hardly unbearable!)

- You need sufficient knowledge and Tools

- You need professional guidance (get yourself a mentor, this does not have to cost money – just follow and study them)

- You need a proven system (e.g. Ewen’s Affiliate Marketing system)

In addition to this he also let us into his 5-step process to becoming a success with Affiliate Marketing.

STEP #1 – You need to find a hot converting product

- Get a ‘ClickBank’ account (marketplace for affiliates)

- Go to ‘marketplace’ at the top of your screen

- Click on ‘sort by’

- Search for ‘high gravity product’

- Searches are all ranked with the top selling products at the top

- High Gravity = Simply, A product that is making affiliates a lot of money!

- Hottest topics to look out for: health, hobbies, sports, beauty, finance, self improvement and sex! (Promote to people who are willing to spend money)

- Ewen’s HOT TIP: Solve people’s problems = Such as; pain (neck pain), health, relationship, finance, legal etc.

STEP #2 – Get converting keywords

- Go to the Google Keyword Tool =

- Look for highly searched keywords

- This way you will find an appropriate niche in high demand

- Always multiply Google’s results and figures by 3 for accuracy (Ewen’s research has proved this)

- Copy and paste those keywords into your site (for Search Engine Optimisation)

STEP #3 – Join Affiliate Programs

- Join Affiliate Programs for multiple products in any one niche

- Armand Morin believes you need at least 20 products in any one niche

- Join Affiliate Programs and make a commission on every sale from your referral link

- Many products will pay YOU, the affiliate, up to 70% of the products earnings

- You didn’t even create the website or the product yet you can make money from it


- This is why Ewen has so much faith in this system as it has worked for him and he has no doubts it can work for anyone.

STEP #4 – Create an Instant/Quick Website

- You could use XSitePro 2 (see earlier blog post)

- Create an informational site for visitors

- Answer peoples simple searches and problems with your simple page

- Insert AdSense, Amazon and Clickbank links for multiple streams of income

- Get RSS and Google News to automatically feed to your site providing more valuable content

- Insert video bars from YouTube related to that niche

- Have a scrolling auto-feed from Ezine Articles displaying all relevant articles for that niche

- All of these tips will simply provide the searcher with more and more content to get their teeth into and make them stay on your site for longer

- Every click equals profit!!

STEP #5 – Traffic!

- To get people to click these links you need traffic

- Visitors = Sales

- You can do this with the right keywords

- You need to try and think of exactly what your potential buyers will be searching

- You need to accumulate Targeted Traffic to generate sales

- You can use various free or paid methods for advertising your site

- Free = It snowballs, it’s FREE and it’s permanent

- Paid = Expensive, risky and very short term

Ewen discussed that there are so many ways to get targeted traffic to your site and that this system was destined to succeed if you follow all or even some of them. A very interesting fact about Ewen is that he has around 5,000 websites to his name and he can’t even remember the name of most of them (let alone the URL’s). His point by telling you this is that you have to create multiple streams of income to become a millionaire with this method.

If you would like to learn a little more about Ewen Chia and his ground breaking list building and affiliate marketing techniques please Click Here! Ewen is highly sought after for his expertise in affiliate marketing, If you feel you would like to pursue a future in Internet Marketing Ewen is the guy for you. He will show you how to build a viable list within 7 days, use viral techniques to multiply that list and generate HUGE returns from it.


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This Article was written by Luke Etheridge. Luke Etheridge is a normal guy from Surrey, UK who set out to achieve big things through various types of Internet Marketing. Throughout this period he has gained alot of useful info spending night and day researching the world of Internet Marketing and attending Internet Millionaire Bootcamps. He now shares his experiences and findings while warning others of what to look out for in his blog, Click Here to view Luke’s Blog


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