I have been blogging for years. I started out my own Internet marketing adventured through affiliate products, but hey, it’s a good racket. Since blogging has come onto the scene, its occurred to me that this really has the potential to make a lot of money. Read the rest of this entry »

Auto Blog System X has literally saved my life. This article is dedicated to Rob Benwell for the guts to actually help beginning markers, not hurt them. I lost my job of 20 years back in 08, and since then have been struggling to make money to support my family of five. Recently I took to the Internet and began a search into the crazy world of what they call “Internet Marketing”.. Read the rest of this entry »

Note that this is a review. If you would like more information please look at the signature section of the article.

Why am I writing this? Well, when I was thinking of buying, I felt like I couldn’t trust most of the reviews so I thought I’d do a quick write-up to help any of you who are in the same position I was. Read the rest of this entry »

For those who don’t know, auto blogging has become an everyday business. And let me tell you friends, business is booming. So when I saw Auto Blog System X, I knew it was something that either made real money, or didn’t. So I got an early copy of this 60 page strategy guide, and I began a 20 day test. This way at launch time, I could effectively review the tactics and tell others what to expect. Believe it or not, I actually care about other marketers and whether they should spend time and money on new methods. Isn’t that crazy? Read the rest of this entry »

Posted October 7th, 2010

Auto Blog System X is the latest product that was introduced in August by Rob Benwell who is well known for his bestselling eBook blogging to the bank. This follow up is destined to be a bigger blockbuster product that has money making ideas that previously no one thought of or even considered. The program uses blogs and auto blogging to generate enormous amount of money. Read the rest of this entry »

Posted September 27th, 2010

Blogging has always been used as a way to post entries online generally done as a pastime. But today, more and more people are starting to discover the power of using blogs to earn an income online simply by posting content on their blogs.

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Posted August 30th, 2009

If you want more visitors to your page, start with your domain name. Domain names play a vital role in determining the amount of traffic that passes through your website. After all, they are the first point of contact between your traffic and you. The domain name you choose should not be generic. This would make it easy for your traffic to confuse other websites with you or vice versa. It is also advisable to keep your domain name short and not include any symbols or numbers as part of your domain name, as this increases the chances of traffic misspelling or forgetting your domain name. If you find that there is a certain keyword that your target traffic look for the most, including that word in your domain name is also a good idea.

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Blogs are becoming increasingly popular on the internet today and although you may not realize it yet, but you could actually make money with them. Yet very little has been written on this subject, that is until now and the publication of The WordPress Goldmine guide. Below we provide a review of just how WordPress Goldmine may help you with making money online.

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Posted August 16th, 2009

One would think that having a product that provides consumers with a real benefit would be all that is required to get customers flocking to your website. This is not the case. There are several other online businesses competing for your consumers’ attention and whether on not your website gets to play host to genuine customer traffic can be determined by the following factors.

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WordPress Goldmine is an internet marketing programme created by an English guy, Mark Thompson, who has been making a living online through blogs for the last 4 years.Unlike many programmes of a similar nature his does not promise that you will get rich quick or make $10,000 next month by throwing up a few ill conceived blogs that die a quick death.

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Posted July 8th, 2009

Internet marketing need not be difficult, there are thousands of niches many of which have very little competition. If you are one of the thousands of people who spend their time marketing in the weight loss, acne or similar niches then you are missing out.

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Thanks to blogs, many ordinary people the world over have created a neat side income or even a full-time income just from blogging alone. But the act of writing a post doesn’t generate profits. You need traffic streaming in to generate cash from your site.

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Posted October 20th, 2008

Many people dream about starting up their own internet business or undertaking various avenues of internet marketing  and making hundreds or thousands of dollars per day with a website.  What if I told you to instead focus on making just one dollar per day? Puzzled? Let me explain.

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