How to Make Thousands of Dollars on eBay Selling Public Domain Products

Make thousands of dollars on eBay selling public domain products on eBay. In this article we are going to look at a simple strategy that has been used by many powersellers to make lots of money quickly and easily on eBay.

How to Research the Copyright Status of a Book

When seeking US published works in the public domain, there is a gray area from 1923 to 1963 where the book may or may not be in the public domain. To determine if a book with a copyright in that date range is in the public domain and freely usable, take the following steps.

How To Profit From Public Domain Books

Discover the Power of Private Label Books These days it seems that just about everyone is looking for a way to make a fortune on the internet, and it is true that the World Wide Web certainly does offer a great deal of opportunity for the smart entrepreneur. One of the problems, however, is finding [...]

Is It In the Public Domain? Answer These 5 Questions to Calculate a Work’s Copyright Term

Imagine you’ve found an interesting old book and want to republish it. You’re thinking of building a website based on it — maybe a membership site. Before you go ahead, you need to know if the book still protected by copyright or in the public domain in the U.S. How do you find out?

What is Copyright and When Does a Work Fall Into the Public Domain

Copyright is a legal tool that provides the creator of a work the right to control how a work is used. US Copyright law is a Federal Law which protects all kinds of works of authorship. This includes books, magazines, newspapers, and other writings. but can also include music, art, photographs, films/videos, computer software, maps, [...]

Print Poster Art From Historic Photos Under Public Domain

Poster prints made from historic photography can be an amazing form of personal expression. However, is it legal to reproduce the work of the photographer? For residents of the United States, we enjoy a freedom in copyright law known as public domain. Public domain isn’t exactly easy to understand, but for the purpose of this [...]

Beginner’s Guide To Public Domain Content

Public domain (PD) content includes any documents that can be used by the public for any purpose. You can break down public domain material into four different categories. The first category is general information. This is information that is widely known such as U.S. state capitals or other facts and figures. The second category is [...]

The Public Domain and Google’s US Government Search Engine

Anyone working with public domain materials for any length of time knows that the U.S. Government is a treasure trove of materials that can be used without restrictions. Within its web sites (and physical archives) you can find books, photographs, films, software, demographics databases and much more.

The Public Domain and the Amazon Pro Merchant Account

If you are creating your own public domain based information products, you need to give consideration to selling your products on Amazon.

7 Ways to Make Money With Public Domain Maps

Public domain maps are a really great source of material for making money. The first thought that enters everyone’s mind when thinking maps is just reprinting them in a variety of formats and selling them as reproductions. This is a very good way to earn an income from public domain maps. Prices you can charge [...]

19th Century Magazines – An Amazing Source of Public Domain Information

Magazines from the very early 1800s are rich in public domain content, both information and illustrations, and are amongst the most productive and profitable areas for publishers today.

Public Domain Publishing – Your Road to Riches?

Public domain publishing can be a very profitable business if you know what you are doing. The basics are not difficult to understand.

Public Domain Sheet Music At The Library Of Congress

There is a huge demand for public domain sheet music for a variety of purposes. Some folks use this music to create public performances – and with public domain materials, there are no royalty or performance fees to worry about. Others want to build collections of royalty free music to sell to product developers. Still [...]

Create and Sell Cookbooks and Recipes From Public Domain Information

Cookbooks and individual recipes are always hot sellers but sadly a great many lack perceived value especially those being sold for pennies on eBay and piled in huge quantities into cheap resell rights packages.

Repackage Public Domain Government Material Into Saleable Information Products

If you’ve heard of the possibility of creating an information product using copyright-free government material, you may be unsure of the potential to get users to pay for something that you accessed without charge. Here are answers to the questions many people have about repackaging and selling public domain information created by the U.S. government, [...]

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