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What Affiliate Elite is Really All About

As a “baby” in the internet marketing arena, I do a lot of research on different products, trying to find a tool that really works. I wanted something new so I decided to see for myself what Affiliate Elite is really all about.

The first thing that attracted me to Affiliate Elite was the fact that it was created by Brad Callen. He’s a big name in the world of internet marketing, so it wasn’t a matter of trusting in the product and I liked that fact that the product didn’t require me to watch tons of videos just to learn how it worked. Just four videos or “projects” as they are called.

The first one allowed me to access to the Clickbank and Paydotcom databases and showed the stats for many affiliate products. From viewing the product stats I could see how many sales were referred from affiliates and how much the commissions were for each sale. The information in Project 1 showed me exactly where I was going wrong with my product selection and how to fix it.

Project 2, was a personal favorite of mine, discussing Google AdWords and results analysis. It showed me how to create longtail keywords that naturally rank in Google’s organic results. I also learned that longtail keywords are far cheaper than single keywords. This was really easy to do since you only have to click one button.

Project 3, I was a bit skeptical about because it discussed spying on your competition, but it’s not black hat at all. You type in a keyword and get all of the competition’s ads for the keyword. You see how long the ad has been running and the landing pages for the affiliate. This made it easy to see where I needed to work on my landing pages.

Project 4, helped me find the affiliates that were making the real money. All you have to do is type in a merchant ID and you get a list of all the affiliates and their landing pages.

After reviewing Affiliate Elite, I could see immediately where I was going wrong with my affiliate marketing tactics and how to correct my mistakes. I have to say for anyone asking the question, “What is Affiliate Elite all about,” it’s all about increasing your income and it works.

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