Is Cox Internet Hijacking Browsers Like A Malware Toolbar?

It’s starting to look that way to me! I’ve been using Cox High Speed Internet for many years and have never had any complaints about their service… until now.

A while back I typed a domain into my browsers address bar and was surprised to see a “Enhanced Error Results Page”

Cox Enhanced Error Results Page

Not What I Expected to See

What?? Where did this come from and why am I seeing it??

I have MY browsers preference settings to not search from the address bar and just show the errors as delivered by the server, not to have my information intercepted and be delivered an “enhanced” error page by a company which to whom I pay a substantial amount of money every year for the service they provide.

That service being to act as an intermediary between my computer and the world wide web. Let me set my browser preferences and do not override them, just deliver the information I seek directly from the website I seek it from… unchanged and un “enhanced”.

So, the first time I saw this I wasted a bit of time going through my browser settings to see what may have changed and could find nothing. After a brief search through Google I was able to see that this was a new feature of Cox though I think the word “feature” is being too nice.

I sent Cox and email and let them know that I did not like this change at all and would prefer that my browser settings not be overridden. They replied that I could log into my Cox account and disable the enhanced error results which I promptly did.

Ok, problem solved for me though I’m sure a lot of people won’t figure that out and will just be stuck with Cox hijacking their browser for their own profits, much like a malware toolbar.

But, unfortunately, that’s not the end of it. Upon trying to access a non-existant domain I received another enhanced error results page from Cox. This is weeks after I had already disabled that “feature” and now here it is again.  How often do I have to disable this feature.

Cox, if you’re listening… STOP THIS!!

People are paying good money to use your service, don’t start getting greedy and try to milk us for every penny possible through this form of unwanted advertising. This would be no different than if the phone companies were to start playing commercials everytime you dialed a number that was disconnected.

At the very minimum… make it an OPT IN “feature” not an OPT OUT “feature” which apparently doesn’t work anyway.

As experienced internet users we are familiar with all of the unwanted browser helpers and malware toolbars and go through great lengths through refined and careful browsing habits, investing in good virus protections software and now I feel as if my computer has been infected by the very people I pay for my internet service.

Well, off to log back in and disable this once again. Hope it lasts longer than a couple of weeks this time.


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2 Responses to “Is Cox Internet Hijacking Browsers Like A Malware Toolbar?”

  1. Cox enhanced error page has stolen my home page. Instead of my school district’s web page I get the error page. After a search I found others with the same message. This problem is affecting my ability to work from home. I am so disgusted.

  2. I also was directed to this page. Either they are observing our browsing or having DNS problems. Kind of freaked me out.


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